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A Minneapolis Spa for Every Midwestern Winter Skin Woe

BY: Alison Hamm | Feb 23, 2016

A Minneapolis Spa for Every Midwestern Winter Skin Woe

Minneapolis winters are well known for being long and cold, complete with biting winds. Locals might be pros at preparing their cars to survive these hard winters, but they likely need help from a Minneapolis spa if they want their skin to survive the brutal weather unscathed. That’s why we’ve found four of the most common winter-weather skin problems as well as the Minneapolis spas where you can make them disappear before the snow melts.

Your nose is red and raw.

Combine the double whammy of cold, dry air outside and the heat indoors with constant nose blowing, and your nose looks ready to guide Santa’s sleigh. To solve this problem, Vizi Spa offers 25- to 80-minute custom facials, including winter specials specifically for dry, dehydrated, and otherwise thirsty skin.

You have dandruff—in your eyebrows.

Dead skin cells form over time, transforming into snowflakes on your face and in your brows. Unlike real snowflakes, however, they’re not particularly attractive. Although it may be tempting to grab the brow products in your makeup bag—don’t. Using them will only exacerbate the issue. 

Instead, try an arcona enzyme peel at Spot Spa’s Uptown or Northeast locations. The peel’s custom organic mask uses fruit enzymes to break down dead layers of skin—including that brow dandruff—and rapidly regenerate new cells, leaving your skin vibrant, polished, and flake-free.

Your body is no longer covered in skin, but scales.

Hot, steamy showers may seem like a great respite from the winter cold, but hot water attacks your skin’s oil glands to create rough, reptilian legs. Investing in a space heater and a winter’s supply of body butter might help, but if a lukewarm winter shower still sounds miserable, it might be time for a body treatment from a spa in Minneapolis. 

Most of the body treatments at Ivy Spa Club promise skin-soothing benefits, but the spa’s luxury hydrating wrap might be the best bet for dehydrated winter skin. The 30-minute anti-aging body wrap soothes and rejuvenates skin from head to toe with intensive moisture.

Your hands are cracked and feel like sandpaper.

Like your body’s skin, hands are also short on oil glands, and Minneapolis’s harsh winter winds certainly don’t help. Gloves help protect hands from the elements, but manicures are the best way to revivify dry, cracked hands. Plus, they’re far more luxurious than wearing gloves. 

Colleen & Company uses Aveda’s natural, plant-based products during all of its pampering services. We recommend the spa’s Elemental Nature manicure, which includes exfoliation and a custom treatment mask to calm and moisturize sandpaper skin, along with nail and cuticle grooming and a massage.