The Right Women’s Underwear for Any Outfit

BY: Jolene Gilbert |Feb 23, 2017

Women’s underwear: it’s slightly uncomfortable to talk about, but it’s a lot more uncomfortable if you’re wearing the wrong style (or fit). So we’re breaking down the different types of underwear, from the most comfortable panties to the best styles to wear under yoga pants.

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Comfortable Underwear


women's underwear panties briefs

The classic everyday panty, this design features a high rise and full coverage to keep you comfortable in casual attire, such as jeans or sweats.

High-Cut Briefs

women's underwear panties high cut briefs

Featuring a similar cut and coverage as traditional briefs, these panties are cut higher on the sides to make the legs appear longer and provide more range of motion.

Boy Shorts

women's underwear panties boy shorts

Inspired by men’s boxer briefs, boy shorts sit low on the hips and extend over the upper thighs. This cut provides extra coverage with minimal panty lines, making it perfect for skirts and dresses.

Sexy Underwear


women's underwear panties hipsters

This women’s underwear style sits low on the hips like boy shorts, but it provides a more generous leg opening, like briefs. The result is a comfortable piece that works well with low-rise jeans, trousers, and skirts.


women's underwear panties bikini

Like the classic swim bottom, these panties are characterized by a narrow waistband that sits at the hips. It flatters most figures and works well with most garments.


women's underwear panties thong

With minimal coverage in front and close to zero coverage in the rear, thongs are the go-to piece when a garment tends to show panty lines. They’re perfect for form-fitting garments such as bodycon dresses, pencil skirts, leggings, and yoga pants.

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