Back-To-School Checklist: Backpacks

at August 28th, 2018

Lunches, books, gym shoes, and those intricately folded notes that can tell people’s future (PS was it right about you marrying Todd, having seven children, driving a sports car, and living in Winnetka?): how will your kid carry it all? No origami is needed to find this answer: it’s time to go backpack shopping. Here are… Read More

Find The Cheapest Diapers Here Every Week

at August 22nd, 2018

As anyone who has raised a child knows, diapers are essential but expensive. Like, real expensive. What’s more, finding the best price for your favorite brand can be frustrating because they’re constantly changing. We here at Groupon Coupons have set out to help, tracking down the current best price for our customers most purchased brands and… Read More