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Best Gifts for Gamers 2019

Best Gifts for Gamers 2019

Shopping for the gamer on your holiday list seems like it should be easy: they know what systems they want and what kind of games they like. But gaming gear is expensive, so smart shoppers are always on the lookout for the best prices. Plus it can be hard to decipher all the gamer lingo if you aren't sure what you're looking for.

So Groupon Coupons did all the hard work for you, finding the best prices on the hottest game consoles, the most popular video games of 2019, and all the other accessories that a gamer might like to find under the tree on Christmas morning.

Best Gaming Consoles

PS4 Slim

Gamer Gift Guide, PlayStation 4 Slim

You will find the absolute cheapest PlayStation 4s on resale sites like eBay, but most of the time those systems will be used or refurbished. It's up to you if that's what you'd like to buy. To get all the warranty, Groupon Coupons recommends buying new. We found a brand-new one with damaged packaging on eBay for $249.69. Kohl's is another place to look for a low price.

$282.97 | Walmart



Gamer Gift Guide, Nintendo Switch

The Nintendo Switch is an innovative system because of its on-the-go capability. To play a PS4 or Xbox game, you've got to be connected to a large TV. But with the Switch, you can play on a TV OR go portable like a 21st-century GameBoy (but with way better graphics). The best deal we found is at Adorama, where you can save a few dollars if you don't mind the version with gray Joy-Con controllers.

$294 | Adorama


Best Video Games 2019

Borderlands 3

Gamer Gift Guide, Borderlands 3

One of the original shooter-looter games—and definitely the most unhinged—was released on Sept. 13! This newest installment has four new Vault Hunters, each with unique playing styles, skills, and options to personalize, that will lead you on a chaos-filled adventure looking for hidden treasure and stopping bandits from joining forces and finding the galaxy's ultimate power.

$59.99 | Target


PC Gaming Gifts

Lenovo Y740

Gamer Gift Guide, Lenovo Y740 Laptop

Named one of the Best Gaming Laptops of the Year by Laptop Mag, Lenovo's top-of-the-line gaming laptop clocks in around $1,400. And that's a pretty good price for such a powerful machine. You'll get supercharged NVIDIA GeForce graphics, a lightning-fast Intel 9th generation processor, and your choice of a 15.6" or 17" display (we recommend 17").

$1,409.99 | Lenovo




PS4 Pro

Gamer Gift Guide, PlayStation 4 Pro

To the untrained eye, the PS4 pro looks exactly like the PS4 Slim. But looks are deceiving in this case. The Pro model offers incredible 4K graphics that are unparalleled on other consoles. But that comes with a price. This is the top-of-the-line PlayStation so sales don't happen very often. Right now, both Amazon and Walmart are offering the PS4 Pro for about $50 less than competitors.

$349 | Amazon


Nintendo Switch Lite

Gamer Gift Guide, Nintendo Switch Lite

After years as the most popular gaming system, the Nintendo Switch is getting an update. The Lite version will be officially released on September 20, so this deal is pre-order only. The Lite's scaled back features include a smaller screen and handheld-only mode. If your favorite Switch games are best in docked or tabletop mode, they won't work unless you buy additional Joy-Cons, so a Lite might not actually save much.

$199.99 | Best Buy


Star Wars: Fallen Order

Gamer Gift Guide, Star Wars Jedi Fallen Order

Explore this new Star Wars world as one of the last remaining Jedi in the universe. It's up to you, a former Jedi knight, a pilot, and a droid companion to rebuild the Jedi Order before the Inquisitors catch onto the plan. You'll explore all over the galaxy, looking for recruits and honing your skills with a lightsaber and other Jedi weapons. Release date: November 15, 2019.

$50.94 | Walmart




Gamer Gift Guide, Best Gaming Headset HyperX Cloud Mix

HyperX's Cloud Mix gaming headset got our stamp of approval because of its all-around versatility. For gaming, the sleek set offers crystal-clear audio reproduction in a comfortable foam-padded design. And you can ditch the boom mic and braided cable to use the headphones wirelessly in your everyday life.

$187.38 | Amazon


Xbox One X

Gamer Gift Guide, Xbox One X

Microsoft's Xbox One X is the most powerful gaming console ever made, and it has the price to match ($499, to be exact). But years after its release, we're starting to see prices go down or bundles with additional freebies for buyers. If you don't have a 4K UHD TV or have plans to get one in the near future, it is probably not worth it to splash out on the Xbox One X, so opt for the the Xbox One S instead or consider buying one refurbished with a store protection plan ($299 at Walmart).

$375.78 | Walmart


Super NES Classic

Gamer Gift Guide, Super NES Classic

The hottest thing in gaming doesn't have to be the newest. Gamers are loving the re-released Super Nintendo system for its retro appeal. The system, which is shrunken and now fits in the palm of your hand, comes with 21 pre-loaded games, including classics like Super Mario Kart, Street Fighter II Turbo: Hyper Fighting, and two wired controllers for next-level nostalgia.

$79.99 | GameStop


Death Stranding

Gamer Gift Guide, Death Stranding

In this all new open-world action game, players will have to traverse a post-apocalyptic Earth to reconnect all of the cities that have been isolated because of mysterious explosions. You can join together with other players to "bridge the divides" in society all while fighting against spectral creatures and the mass extinction of humans. Release date: November 8, 2019.

$59.99 | GameStop



Gunner Optiks Glasses

Gamer Gift Guide, Gaming Glasses

We've all felt the effects of sitting in front of a computer for too long. It's uncomfortable and slows down reaction time. Plus long periods of staring at screens is known to lead to trouble sleeping, cataracts, and even retina damage. Gunnar Optiks gaming glasses block up to 65% of harmful blue light, reducing fatigue and improving game performance.   

$59.99 | Best Buy


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