Savings Hack: How to Save Big with Target Price Match

Target Price Match Guarantee guide

Are you ready to take your savings to the next level? With Target’s Price Match Policy and our easy-to-read guide, you have all the information you need to save big. Groupon Coupons is breaking down all the brands compatible with Target’s price match policy to know what’s worth comparing and what you shouldn't bother with.

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How to Get The Most Out of Target Price Match | Amazon

Amazon logo

  • Quick Tip: Since Amazon sells literally everything, it seems, double-check if specific brands are sold at Target when you see a good deal on 
  • Check for Price Match If You're Buying: Kitchen Appliances. Air fryers, blenders, and coffee machines—oh my! There is tons of cool tech out there, but you might get burned by a high price tag. Target has a huge stock of appliances, so it’s worth it to compare prices to see if you can get the same great deal at a store near you. Plus, you might get extra savings if you have a Target RedCard or Target Circle cash-back rewards
  • Don't Waste Your Time: Fashion. Most clothing at Target is made just for Target or by brands not available at Amazon. But not all of them. You’ll just need to look a bit harder. 
  • Final Verdict: There is a lot of price match potential between Amazon and Target. Because both stores have such a vast selection, it makes to approach this tip with exact products and models in mind.

Barnes & Noble

How to Get The Most Out of Target Price Match | Barnes & Noble 

Barnes & Noble logo

  • Quick Tip: Make sure you’re comparing the exact same version of the books you’re price matching. Meaning, check if it’s paperback or hardcover and if it’s a special edition.
  • Check for Price Match If You're Buying: New Release Books. If you didn’t already know, Target has an extensive collection of books online and in-store. From baby and children books to New York Times–bestselling titles. 
  • Don't Waste Your Time: Stationery, Calendars, and Journals. Not only is Barnes & Noble’s inventory going to be much larger, but the specific brands sold at each store have few overlaps. 
  • Final Verdict: If you have a specific title in mind, it might be worth a quick check. The only way to compare books online is to use the 13-digit ISBN. If the ISBN isn’t identical, the price match policy will not apply. 

Bed Bath & Beyond

How to Get The Most Out of Target Price Match | Bed Bath & Beyond

Bed Bath & Beyond logo

  • Quick Tip: Bed Bath and Beyond loves to give out coupons to their customers. But in order to maximize your price-matching potential, you’ll need to focus on in-store product sales. 
  • Check for Price Match If You're Buying: Trendy Home Gadgets & Essentials. Anything from a new SodaStream to an Instant Pot. These brand-name gadgets are great places to save and the model numbers make them easy to compare with Target’s offerings. 
  • Don't Waste Your Time: Bedding. Since the brand and item have to be exactly the same, trying to price match bedding will be super hard. Bed Bath & Beyond carries many brands not sold at Target.
  • Final Verdict: There is a good chance you can save big on kitchen appliances if you shop savvy, but Bed Bath & Beyond always has a 20% off one item coupon, so be sure to double-check where you will get the most savings.

Best Buy

How to Get The Most Out of Target Price Match | Best Buy

Best Buy logo

  • Quick Tip: Browse the deals section to explore the hottest deals at Best Buy. You should also check out the Top Deals and Deal of the Day for even better price match opportunities and savings. 
  • Check for Price Match If You're Buying: Video Games, CDs, and other Electronic Media. These items go on sale all the time at Best Buy, and most of the popular games are available at both stores. The same goes for popular CDs and game consoles. 
  • Don't Waste Your Time: Audio & Video. Target does sell some audio and video products, but most of Best Buy’s larger inventory isn’t available at both stores.
  • Final Verdict: Looking for a specific item for less? Browsing video games, CDs, or minor electronics at both Best Buy and Target may help you save a few bucks. 


BuyBuy Baby &

How to Get The Most Out of Target Price Match | Buybuy Baby &

BuyBuy Baby & logos

  • Quick Tip: is run by Amazon, so all the rules that apply to primary Amazon purchases apply here as well. 
  • Check for Price Match If You're Buying: Diapers. This baby MUST-HAVE can really add up. Prices and sales come and go, so save more often when you compare prices. 
  • Don't Waste Your Time: Clothing. Baby clothing varies too much between Buybuy Baby, and Target, so we recommend focusing your saving energy elsewhere. 
  • Final Verdict: Staying up to date with deals on diapers will keep extra money in your pocket. 


Savings tip: Check out the Cheapest Diapers of the Week. We comparison shop Amazon, Walmart, and Target for you every week!

Costco & Sam's Club

How to Get The Most Out of Target Price Match | Costco & Sam’s Club

Costco & Sam's Club logos

  • Quick Tip: Costco and Sam’s Club have dedicated sales sections on their websites. A great place to find and compare prices. 
  • Check for Price Match If You're Buying: Generic Groceries and Household Supplies. Shampoo, toilet paper, laundry detergent, eggs, bananas, and so on are good places to search for price match opportunities. Most of the popular brands for fruits and veggies and bathroom and cleaning supplies are eligible for price matching. 
  • Don't Waste Your Time: Optical and Photo. These categories are not eligible for a price match at Target. 
  • Final Verdict: Since Target does price match on groceries, there is space to save some money on your next shopping trip.


CVS & Walgreens

How to Get The Most Out of Target Price Match | CVS & Walgreens

CVS & Walgreens logos

  • Quick Tip: Similar to Target, Walgreens and CVS release weekly ads with exclusive deals you don’t want to sleep on. 
  • Check for Price Match If You're Buying: Health & Beauty. We recommend checking out items like supplements, vitamins, cosmetics, hair dye, shampoo, and other health and beauty must-haves. 
  • Don't Waste Your Time: Nothing. There isn’t a particular category available at CVS or Walgreens we feel is a total waste of time. Just make sure you skip Walgreens or CVS store brand items. 
  • Final Verdict: We give a big thumbs up to price match searching at these retailers.


Dick's Sporting Goods

How to Get The Most Out of Target Price Match | Dick’s Sporting Goods

Dick's Sporting Goods logos

  • Quick Tip: When attempting to price match sporting goods, make sure the item is identical. Sometimes photos of basketballs or baseball bats can be confusing, so check details and SKU numbers. 
  • Check for Price Match If You're Buying: Sports Equipment. Basketballs, footballs, baseball bats, and select safety equipment are excellent picks for a price match. 
  • Don't Waste Your Time: Workout or Sports Clothing. If we were you, we wouldn’t waste time trying to match any fashion items found at Dick’s, including shoes and accessories. 
  • Final Verdict: Sports equipment can get pricey. While the more professional-level items are mostly not found at Target, standard equipment for casual play or practice is an excellent opportunity to save.


How to Get The Most Out of Target Price Match | GameStop

GameStop logos

  • Quick Tip: GameStop’s best prices are typically on second-hand games, which are not eligible for price matching opportunities.
  • Check for Price Match If You're Buying: Video Game Consoles. You might get lucky if Gamestop has a great deal on game consoles.
  • Don't Waste Your Time: Video Games. Because of GameStop’s pre-owned game prices, you won't be able to match those amazingly low prices. 
  • Final Verdict: If you or someone you know are big gamers, we’ll leave it up to you if searching for gaming deals is a perfect shot.


JCPenney, Macy's & Kohl's

How to Get The Most Out of Target Price Match | JCPenney, Macy’s & Kohl’s 

JCPenney, Macy's, Kohls logos

  • Quick Tip: These department store giants all have specific sales calendars and discount “rules.” Lucky for you, Groupon Coupon has all the information you need to stay on top of sales. 
  • Check for Price Match If You're Buying: Kitchen and Dining. Several dinnerware sets and kitchen gadget brands are sold at all four retailers, so you can spruce up your kitchen and upgrade your serving ware without spending an arm and a leg. Other departments to keep an eye on are baby and kids as well as minor electronics like speakers.
  • Don't Waste Your Time: Shoes. There aren’t as many crossovers between brands and exact styles when it comes to footwear. It’s not a complete loss, but we don’t think it’s all that worth it. 
  • Final Verdict: With so much inventory, there are tons of opportunities for savings.

Kmart & Walmart

How to Get The Most Out of Target Price Match | Kmart and Walmart

Kmart & Walmart logos

  • Quick Tip: If you’re not already subscribed to Kmart and Walmart print ads or email ads, now is the time. Their weekly ads are a great comparison shopping tool, and you’ll need them to price match at Target.
  • Check for Price Match If You're Buying: Groceries or Home Essentials. These are staples when shopping at these stores. Which makes it even better that you can price match them!
  • Don't Waste Your Time: Jewelry. Trust us when it comes to this. Jewelry is not worth your time in terms of price matching. 
  • Final Verdict: Why not get the same low price at Target, where you can pile on the savings with your RedCard and Circle rewards?


How to Get The Most Out of Target Price Match | Newegg

Newegg logo

  • Quick Tip: The tech options at Newegg are vast, but several of the product categories simply aren’t sold at Target. 
  • Check for Price Match If You're Buying: TVs. Top brands like Samsung, Sony, Vizio, and LG are perfect opportunities to price match. If you find the same make and model for less at Newegg, hurry over to Target to pick it up!
  • Don't Waste Your Time: Computer Components. You can find components like motherboards and CPUs at Target. However, most of them are not easy to price match because of how many different specs exist. 
  • Final Verdict: Target may not be your first location when you think of tech needs, but they have more than you think.


Office Depot & Staples

How to Get The Most Out of Target Price Match | Office Depot & Staples

Office Depot & Staples logos

  • Quick Tip: Sometimes office supply deals are only in-store. If you see a better deal, remember you have to bring proof of the competitive price to price match. 
  • Check for Price Match If You're Buying: Ink & Toner. These household staples can be surprisingly pricey. Select printers and scanners seem to be great options as well. 
  • Don't Waste Your Time: Computer Chairs and Furniture. In our research, computer chairs seemed to be the hardest to price match. 
  • Final Verdict: Most of the time, it’s not worth it to price match small supplies like notebooks and pencils. But you might be able to steal some savings on larger items.

Petco & Petsmart

How to Get The Most Out of Target Price Match | Petco & Petsmart 

Petco & Petsmart logos

  • Quick Tip: Get your four-legged friend all the things they need for less! Always check sales and deals sections, so you never miss a chance to save. 
  • Check for Price Match If You're Buying: Pet Food and Treats. It seems like a no-brainer, but big-time brands like Purina and IAMS are available at all three stores, so this is where you should spend your time price checking. 
  • Don't Waste Your Time: Speciality Food. Target’s selection will be smaller than a pet stores, especially when it comes to food for health concerns like aging, cardiac disorders, and dental needs, which makes it much harder to price match. 
  • Final Verdict: Since Petco and Petsmart have their own rewards programs and deals throughout their store, you might save more on pet food and treats by shopping there.


How to Get The Most Out of Target Price Match | Sears

Sears logo

  • Quick Tip: When you search, be sure to check the "Sears Only" tab. That way, you're guaranteed to find price-match eligible products.
  • Check for Price Match If You're Buying: Tools. If you're even kind of considering buying a tool at Target, check Sears first. When we checked, Sears still sells thousands of tools. Still, the majority of them are made by Craftsman, which Target doesn't carry. There's still a decent selection once you get past Craftsman, but … only decent.
  • Don't Waste Your Time: TVs & almost anything else. At the time of this writing, despite running a major TV sale, Sears doesn't actually sell a single TV itself, so none of them are eligible. That's pretty much the theme of searching Sears for price-match eligible stuff.
  • Final Verdict: Sears is great. Who doesn't love Sears? But we can't in good conscience recommend you spend any time searching Sears for a hot price match opportunity. The inventory is all over the place and Sears sells almost none of it. You'd be better off just hopping over to Amazon.

Ulta Beauty

How to Get The Most Out of Target Price Match | Ulta

Ulta Beauty logo

  • Quick Tip: Ulta Beauty is excellent about releasing sales often and the discounts are simple and straightforward, which makes price matching as easy as can be. 
  • Check for Price Match If You're Buying: Drugstore Cosmetics. Ulta shoppers know that the store is separated by “drugstore” brands and “prestige” brands. This means brands like Almay, Maybelline, and CoverGirl are eligible for price matching. Don’t sleep on the hair care and hair tools as well. 
  • Don't Waste Your Time: Cosmetics Tools and Brushes. These deals tend to be more BOGO than percentage off deals, which means the savings at Ulta Beauty can’t be price matched at Target. 
  • Final Verdict: Do the math yourself to know if the savings are better with Ulta’s sales or Target’s price match.


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