Groupo the Deal Bird is the founder of Grouponicus, the non-denominational wintertime holiday that celebrates gifting! Explore Groupo’s workshop to learn more about this generous bird-man, as well as the magical traditions of Grouponicus!

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“Were you good this year?”
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“This is just a boiler. Not everything is worth hovering over.”
Learn the tenets of Grouponicus in my Doctrine of Completion!
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“These things are almost impossible to catch.”
“We're the Gorps! We work in the Gravy Mines.”
“Tee-hee! You'll never catch me!”
“If he catches us here, we're already dead.”
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“Knowledge is science!”
“The lovely Mrs. Groupo is a gal of a whale!”
“Don't even talk to me until I've had my coffee HAH HAHAHA HAHAHA I heard that somewhere.”
“This just appeared one day. I wish I could read it!”
“Piles of sand are my favorite treat!”
“I'm not ready to talk about this.”
“Haha, who left that there? What a good prank.”
“Whoah, crazy! What even is this thing? Another funny prank, it would seem.”
“All of these skulls are pranks.”
“Every workshop needs a vice, for all kinds of reasons.”