Exclusive Ocean Voyage – North Atlantic
Exclusive Ocean Voyage – North Atlantic
"Titanic" DVD Signed by Leonardo DiCaprio Impersonator and 13-Day Ocean Voyage with Tour of "Titanic" From Deep Ocean Expeditions
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$12,500 for a signed Titanic DVD and 13-day ocean voyage with tour of the Titanic (a $59,680 value); departs from St. John’s, Newfoundland, on July 26 and returns August 8
The Fine Print
  • Valid only for voyage starting on 7/26/2012
  • Limit 1 per person
  • 60-day cancellation notice required
  • Must complete and sign application form, release of liability agreement, and medical information form
  • Deep Ocean Expeditions reserves the right to decline the acceptance of an individual for the voyage
  • Participants responsible for securing necessary documents, including applicable visas and vaccination certificates
  • Upon purchase, you will receive contact information for the Grouponcierge who will book coach-class round-trip airfare and fees for travel from any city in the contiguous US. Purchaser is responsible for ground transportation to and from the airport in his/her own city and in St. John.
  • Voyage is non-transferable
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  • See the rules that apply to all deals.

Titanic DVD Signed by Leonardo DiCaprio Impersonator
and Shipwreck Expedition
The film Titanic was more than an excuse for director James Cameron to meet his idol, Celine Dion. It was also an account of an actual event, the 1912 sinking of the RMS Titanic. A century after the infamous shipwreck, Deep Ocean Expeditions is offering a once-in-a-lifetime package: a DVD signed by professional Leonardo DiCaprio impersonator Frank Lloyd Roberts—and the chance to descend 2 miles into the depths of the icy North Atlantic to see the "unsinkable" ocean liner at her final resting place.
A team of scientists, engineers, and RMS Titanic historians will be on hand for the 13-day expedition on a large support ship, which sets sail July 26 from St. John's, Newfoundland. Click here for a trip itinerary (subject to change), and see below for an overview of the trip.
Days 1–2: A group of no more than 20 meets in St. John's at the Sheraton Hotel Newfoundland,which overlooks the harbor where the expedition will launch the following afternoon. On day 2, you'll have a chance to take in the colorful houses and mazy streets of St. John’s—the oldest English-founded city in North America—before beginning the 380-mile sea voyage toward the RMS Titanic wreck site.
Day 3: The crew of scientists and Titanic experts lecture on topics ranging from basic marine biology to the Titanic captain's preferred brand of mustache wax. MIR submersible pilot Dr. Anatoly Sagalevitch and USC professor of ocean engineering Dr. Don Walsh will share their deep-sea expertise to ready the group for the upcoming dive.
Days 4–10: On the morning of day 4, the support ship will float high above the sunken remains of the RMS Titanic. For the next week, pairs of participants and a pilot will take turns descending 12,500 feet to the ocean floor in the self-propelled MIR I or MIR II deep-sea craft. You'll get three to four hours to observe and photograph the shipwreck that few others have seen in person. In addition to century-old artifacts, you might encounter unusual marine life, including rattail fishes, squat lobsters, and anemones. Expeditions can take place both day and night, depending on prevailing conditions.
Days 11–13: As the ship sails back to harbor, you'll get to celebrate with a barbecue on the upper deck and observe the onboard scientists at work in their laboratories. After breakfast on day 13, you'll disembark.
Please see Deep Ocean Expeditions’ FAQ page for additional information.

What You Get
  • Round-trip airfare to St. John's, Newfoundland, including fees from any city in the contiguous US

  • All transportation to and from the site

  • One day to explore the shipwreck aboard a deep-ocean vessel

  • Admission to a series of lectures, film screenings, and post-dive celebrations

  • Accommodations for the duration of the trip, including one night at the Sheraton Hotel Newfoundland and 11 nights onboard the support ship

  • Three meals per day while at sea and complimentary baggage handling

  • A DVD of the movie Titanic signed by Leonardo DiCaprio impersonator Frank Lloyd Roberts

Exclusive Ocean Voyage
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