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A Self-Guided Walking Tour of Old Sacramento

BY: Shannon Jewitt | Jul 9, 2015
A Self-Guided Walking Tour of Old Sacramento

Those looking for quintessentially Sacramento things to do don’t need to look any further than Old Sacramento. Aside from providing visitors with picturesque views of the Sacramento River, the charming district is filled with world-renowned museums, historical attractions, delicious restaurants, and unique shops. So many, it’s hard to narrow them down. Fortunately, we’ve done the work for you with this self-guided walking tour, featuring 10 can’t-miss destinations.

1. California Automobile Museum

For automobile enthusiasts, this museum is the first stop on the Old Sacramento walking tour. Its permanent exhibits include Going Green, which showcases vehicles dating back to the early 1900s that have run on alternative energy, while rotating exhibits touch on everything from supercars to pickup trucks.

2. American River Bike Trail

Admire the Sacramento River as you escape from the busy downtown foot traffic via a stroll down a section of this 32-mile trail. Totally paved and equipped with water fountains and restrooms, it makes for an enjoyable walk along the banks.

3. Indo Café

There are plenty of Indian and Thai restaurants in Sacramento, but Indo Café is the only Indonesian eatery in the area. Stop by for made-from-scratch dishes such as bakmi goreng, a dish of stir-fried egg noodles, or ayam goreng kuning, Indonesian-style turmeric fried chicken.

4. The Delta King Riverboat

Before its transformation into a floating hotel, restaurant, and entertainment venue as well as an addition to the National Register of Historic Places, the Delta King was known for its role in World War II. Pay the riverboat a visit to learn more about its history and restoration.

5. The Vault at Stage Nine

Though it’s not quite as famous as the Disney Vault, you might find some Mickey memorabilia inside this animation-art and movie-studio gallery, which was modeled after a bank vault. Check out original etchings, lithographs, and other artwork from esteemed studios associated with the likes of Disney and Warner Bros.

6. McGee’s Old Time Photos

Pics or it didn’t happen. Rather than Instagram your meals at Sacramento restaurants, evoke instant nostalgia by dressing up in costumes and posing for old-timey photos.

7. Evangeline’s

Those growing cranky from their walking tour need only take a peek at Evangeline’s inventory for a quick refresher. The store’s collection of gag gifts, costumes, and novelties leaves most customers smiling, if not laughing hysterically.

8. Fanny Ann’s Saloon

The walls of this steamboat-turned-saloon are decorated with historic artifacts, including a cannon above the entrance. The food that fills the plates isn’t quite so historic, but it is delicious, especially if you’re looking for burgers and ice-cold beer.

9. California State Railroad Museum

The California State Railroad Museum welcomes more than 500,000 visitors annually, and with good reason. The enormous space is home to 21 restored locomotives and cars, including a Pullman-style sleeping car and railway post office.

10. The Firehouse Restaurant

The Firehouse Restaurant’s name comes from its location in a historic firehouse, but its accolades—and as the most award-winning restaurant in the region, there are plenty—comes from its upscale ambiance, farm-to-table cuisine, and extensive collection of California wines.