Restaurants in Sacramento

It’s the capital of America’s most-populous state. So you better believe that Sacramento restaurants make up an amazing culinary scene—trendy Food & Drink website Thrillist even wrote that ”Sacramento’s on the cusp of making it as a must-visit town for anyone who loves food.” With so many Sacramento restaurants vying for your attention, take a peek at some of our favorites that we think you should focus on. Scroll down for more—and bon appetit!

Our Top 5 Sacramento Restaurants

If you’ve only got one night in Sacramento, where should you eat? To know where to go, you need to know the best restaurants in Sacramento, a diverse collection of eateries serving a number of different cuisines. We humbly submit our favorite spots to try when you’re in California’s capital:


  1. Sandra Dee’s Bar-b-Que & Seafood: Chef Sandra Dee learned how to cook at age 9, and we are all better for it. Try classic Creole and southern-comfort dishes, from po’ boys and hush puppies, to deep-fried seafood. See our Sandra Dee’s deal here.
  2. Cafe Morocco: A friendly vibe meets exquisite, fascinating North African decor (highlighted by antique weaponry) at this upscale Mediterranean cafe. Indulge in hummus, chicken kebab, couscous, and other staples in the region, served and prepared with a twist. See our Cafe Morocco deal here.
  3. Mamma Susanna’s Ristorante Italiano: Delve into the culture of northern Italy at this homey trattoria, which specializes in pasta and pizza (there are 10 different kinds of each), but save a little room for tiramisu. See our Mamma Susanna’s deal here.
  4. Flaming Grill Cafe: If you like burgers, this is a must-visit. In addition to your typical beef patty, Flaming Grill serves antelope, gator, elk, and wild boar burgers. The Sacramento News & Review called it a “big, oozing, cheesy, overstuffed lunch."  See our Flaming Grill Cafe deal here.
  5. Mayahuel: More than just a typical Mexican dinner, Mayahuel offers a comprehensive cultural experience. Taste lesser-known flavors like mole or arrachera steak, drink exotic margaritas and tequilas, and feel the rhythm of a mariachi band (which plays every Saturday night). See our Mayahuel deal here.

Spotlight on: Mayahuel

See our Mayahuel deal here.

One of Sacramento’s best Mexican restaurants, Mayahuel also considers itself a museum of Mexican history, focused on its production of tequila. Owner Ernesto Delgado says, “Tequila is the birth of this place ... it's everything, it's almost the mission statement of Mayahuel." Naturally, there is an abundance of tequila and mezcal for you to try inside Mayahuel’s vibrantly colorful dining room and bar. Whatever you choose, be sure to stay one extra dish and grab some churros for dessert.


See what actual customers say about Mayahuel:

“Excellent customer service, beautiful decors, amazing crafted drinks, and flavorful food! Definitely a new favorite place.”  - Alan A.

“Been here plenty of times, this Groupon is a steal! You get great food at an amazing price. By far, this place has the best tacos I have ever had. Go here, you won't be disappointed.” - Israel D.

“My favorite place! Best drinks, service and food in town. Never disappointed. Took a friend for her first time and picked up dinner for her husband, they were both impressed and loved the food. Thanks Mayahuel for another delicious dinner!” - Alissa S.

Top Asian Restaurants in Sacramento

With a number of Asian communities in Sacramento, It’s no surprise that the city is packed with some of the West Coast’s best Japanese and Chinese cuisine. For a taste, try one of these spots:

  • Chaise Lounge: A casual eatery with a blend of several Asian (and non-Asian) cuisines. This is the place to try egg rolls packed with cheeseburger (yes, you read that right) and a curry katsudon burrito. See our Chaise Lounge deal here.
  • Nishiki Sushi: This is perhaps the spot to eat sushi in Sacramento. Three dozen different (and creative) rolls mean you can try everything from eel to yellowtail, and tuna to shrimp tempura. See our Nishiki Sushi deal here.

Spotlight on Danny’s Mini Donuts

See our Danny’s Mini Donuts deal.


Donuts don’t get much fresher than Danny’s Mini Donuts, a local favorite in Old Sacramento. Danny makes these donuts “hot on the spot,” and its website cheekily states “they may burn your fingers, but they will melt in your mouth!” And since they’re smaller than the average donut, you won’t feel so guilty ordering a half-dozen (or a baker’s dozen).


See what actual customers say about Danny’s Mini Donuts:


Danny is always friendly and his donuts are hot and fresh. I've never had a dozen that counts less than 13. Everyone in my office is delighted when I bring mini-donuts to a meeting!” - Teri B.

“Pleasant experience. The guy running the shop was very friendly. Purchase was smooth and it was kind of fun to watch the donuts cook ... The donuts are delicious. Used them as dessert the same night of purchase. ...  And they're still yummy the next day.” - Melanie A.

“Get it HOT and Fresh! Made while you wait. Bite size, which is PERFECT as you take a walk and tour the sights and sounds of Old Sacramento!” - Masataka B.

Best Places in Sacramento for a Quick Bite


Running short on time, but still want a serious meal? If you’re looking for something pretty quick, here are three restaurants that won’t take up several hours.

  • Eggie’s Restaurant: A Sacramento breakfast and lunch mainstay since 1977, Eggie’s offers the comfort food people most want for breakfast–like omelets, buttermilk pancakes, and club sandwiches–and can serve it to go or inside their homey dining room. See our Eggie’s deal here 
  • Savory Fried Chicken: You probably haven’t had fried chicken quite like this. The name, “Savory Fried Chicken,” actually describes Filipino-style chicken, paired with pork lumpia rolls and other authentic sides. See our Savory Fried Chicken deal. 
  • Street Pub and Grub: You can easily get a quick meal at this British pub that loves its fish ’n’ chips and bangers ’n’ mash. But once you start playing trivia and watching a game of football (European and/American-style), you might reconsider. See our Street Pub and Grub deal.

Spotlight on: Flaming Grill Cafe

See our deal for Flaming Grill Cafe.


Assuming you aren’t a vegetarian, you probably have tried a beef-patty hamburger in your life. But what about a gator burger? Or elk? Or antelope? Those are just a few of the exotic meats you can try at Flaming Grill Cafe, perhaps Sacramento’s best burger joint. To pair, you’ll find an equally adventurous beer list (a peanut butter stout to go with your PB&J burger, perhaps?).


See what actual customers say about Flaming Grill Cafe:


“Service was the best I've ever experienced, waitress and bus person so eager to answer our questions and explain the menu options. The burgers were delicious and the sides generous.” - Helen D.

“Very good food, and a great selection of both burgers and beers. And a place that knows how to cook a rare burger the right way. Very happy with experience.” - Talina L.

“We've been twice now, both times so yummy! Friendly service, too. We've tried the gator bites, smokehouse, jalapeño jack, blue cheese burger, and chorizo fries. We've tried the bison, elk, and wild boar. All great!” - Rhonda H.