Located in southern Ontario, Toronto boasts the title of the fifth most populous city in North America. Museums, golf courses and parks are all part of the experience and with so many options, finding things to do in Toronto comes down to whatever one’s in the mood for that day. Toronto is the hub of the country’s financial and industrial dynamics, but it’s also full of its own unique treasures that draw visitors in record numbers.

With elegant hotels, each with its own welcoming atmosphere, restaurants that never disappoint and residents who stand ready to make all feel right at home, Toronto has become a popular, albeit unlikely, vacation spot. The Intercontinental Hotel is one example of what makes this city so special. Located in the heart of the city, this luxury four-star hotel is positioned so that many restaurants, museums and shopping centers are within walking distance. It offers a full service gym and also welcomes pets.

Of all the Toronto activities, the city’s seven thousand restaurants run the gamut and offer locals and vacationers alike many opportunities to broaden their horizons - and their palettes. Signatures has long since been a Toronto favorite. Known for its eclectic menus and unique cocktails, Signatures and its Chef Joe Rabba welcome visitors for breakfast, lunch and dinner.

The Royal Ontario Museum offers many themed galleries and more than six million objects located throughout its many collections. A favorite Toronto attraction, the hands-on exhibitions are awe-inspiring and educational for the little ones.

Still, there are those who look forward to spending an afternoon in the picturesque public squares, each with their own landscape and views - and all which are sure to recharge the soul. With so much stuff to do in Toronto, visitors feel as though they’re seeing a new city with each visit. The one common denominator being visitors leave with a quiet promise to themselves that they’ll soon return.

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