Yoga is a form of exercise that has become extremely popular over the past decade. In Toronto, yoga classes are offered in a variety of settings. Toronto yoga studios focus on encouraging meditation, reducing tension, and releasing negative toxins from the body. Some may find the yoga experience strenuous, and as a result, may feel skeptical or even overwhelmed. These days, though, and certainly within Toronto, there are a host of yoga classes designed for beginners as well as those who are advanced in their practice. Yoga spas in the area offer the latest state of the art methods and practices and visitors discover many retailers that provide yoga mats and other must-have yoga supplies.

The elegant Laya Spa and Yoga offers not only offers yoga classes and Ayurveda treatments, but also manicures, pedicures and an authentic Brazilian wax. It’s both warm and inviting with a contemporary look and feel. Many women enjoy Bikram yoga classes, which focus on 90 minute workout sessions that are done in a heated room. Heat adds the element of sweat in order to help toxins pour out of the body and the Laya Spa and Yoga has the experienced leaders to guide clients through the process.

Other popular yoga classes in Toronto that people are drawn to include the combination yoga and Pilates. Pilates and yoga stretches can be difficult at first, but are designed to strengthen and tone the body while helping find inner peace. Clients find expert guidance and even workshops to make the most of their efforts at The Loft Pilates Studios. Named one of the Best Pilates Studios in Toronto by Fashion Magazine, this remains a very popular choice. Finding a Toronto yoga class that is just right for one’s physical needs or goals, budget and schedules is easily accomplished in the heart of a great, fun and diverse city.

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