While spending a day or a week visiting a new city is exciting and adventurous, it can also be somewhat tiresome. Of course, this makes it easy to justify a glorious day of pampering - and fortunately, finding it is as easy as checking out the many Toronto hair salons that specialize in just this type of pampering.

A favorite among locals and visitors is the renowned Paul Percoella Hair Salon and Spa. Known for its commitment to its clients and quality products, clients come from great distances to experience the tranquility and revel in attention lavished on them from the moment they arrive until they walk out the door. Owned by Paul Percoella, the creative visionary behind the “total package” approach that’s inspired other salons around the world.

Clients are in highly trained hands, too. Incorporating the latest in hair color technology, and always a step ahead in the latest hair cutting trends, the team delivers beautifully. Want to incorporate a manicure and pedicure? No problem - make a day of it and one can redefine what restful and relaxed means.  Be sure to make an appointment, though, as this is one energetic salon that has no concept of downtime.

Another incredibly popular and well-respected salon in Toronto is Fiorio Salon & Spa. It too is a one-stop solution for all your beauty needs. It promises to deliver the hair you should have been born with. The Fiks progressive treatment that’s exclusive to Fiorio brings to life hair you forgot you could have. It too has a clientele that extends well outside the Toronto area.

Regardless of whether guests are a regular or are just visiting the city for a one time massage or tanning session or if they’re looking for the total package that includes a beautiful new hair style, Toronto salons are a great way to redefine one’s style while enjoying the luxurious and relaxing venues in the city.

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