Chiropractor in Toronto, ON

One or Three Chiropractic Consultations, Exams, and Alignments at Back To Life Chiro (Up to 92% Off)

Back To Life Chiro


Licensed chiropractic professional consults with clients and finds sources of pain during an exam; alignments alleviate discomfort

C$250 C$39

Three or Six Spinal Decompression Sessions at Santizo Healthcare Solutions (Up to 87% Off)

Santizo Healthcare Solutions

Santizo Healthcare Solutions

Noninvasive decompression treatment helps treat herniated discs, degenerative joint disease and facet dysfunction

C$220 C$29

Chiropractic Care from Dr. Lauren Johnson at Focused on Health Chiropractic Clinic (Up to 85% Off). Two Options.

Dr. Lauren Johnson at Focused on Health Chiropractic Clinic

Dr. Lauren Johnson at Focused on Health Chiropractic Clinic

Doctor of Chiropractic Lauren Johnson examines clients, using x-rays to help suss out problems before performing adjustments

C$165 C$29

Postural Analysis with One, Three, or Five Posture Corrective Treatments at The Posture Clinic (Up to 84% Off)

The Posture Clinic

Multiple Locations

After analyzing posture with digital-imaging technology, the chiropractor uses micro-adjustment techniques to realign the spine

C$165 C$29

C$35 for 3 Spinal-Decompression Treatments & 3D Gait Scan/Analysis at PhysioCare Group Clinic (C$460 Value)

PhysioCare Group Clinic

North York

Noninvasive, traction-based therapy relieves pressure on spine, allowing vertebrae to expand so oxygen and nutrients can help discs heal

C$460 C$35

C$25 for $250 Toward Custom Orthotics at Forest Hill Physiotherapy & Health Centre

Forest Hill Physiotherapy & Health Centre


Specialists use 3D technology to design comfortable orthotics that reduce strain associated with pressure points and muscle tension

C$250 C$25

C$39 for Three Acupuncture or Chiropractic Treatments at West End Rehab and Physical Therapy (C$200 Value)

West End Rehab & Physical Therapy


After assessing a patient’s individual needs, chiropractor provides a course of treatment over three visits

C$200 C$39

C$20 for C$250 Worth of Custom Orthotics at PhysioCare Clinic Group

PhysioCare Clinic Group

North York

Whether feet and knees ache from injury, wear and tear, pregnancy, or something else entirely, custom orthotics help relieve pain

C$250 C$20

$20 for $200 Toward Custom Orthotics at Medical Rehabilitation Clinic

Medical Rehabilitation Clinic


Specialists outfit work boots, dress shoes, or sneakers with custom orthotics

C$200 C$20

Consultation, Exam, and One or Three Treatments at Cornerstone Health and Wellness Centre (Up to 68% Off)

Cornerstone Health and Wellness Centre

Bridle Path

Doctor of chiropractic Nana Barnes blends muscle release techniques, joint mobilization, exercise therapy and spinal manipulation

C$97 C$32

Exam, Posture Assessment, and One or Three Chiropractic Adjustments at VitalityMD (Up to 89% Off)



The chiropractor pairs gentle adjustments with posture assessments and nervous-system scans

C$340 C$39

Chiropractic Exam Packages at Listro Chiropractic Plus (Up to 87% Off). Two Options Available.

Listro Chiropractic Plus


Licensed chiropractic professional performs thorough exam and locates sources of pain with x-rays

C$150 C$20

Custom-Made Orthotics, Posture Correction Package, or Massage at The Posture Clinic (Up to 90% Off)

The Posture Clinic

Multiple Locations

Chiropractor analyzes posture and aids it with adjustments and gentle traction; moulds for orthotics and relaxing massages also on offer

C$200 C$20

Chiropractic Adjustment with a 30- or 60-Minute Massage at Core Wellness Centre (Up to 90% Off)

Core Wellness Centre

Humewood - Cedarvale

Chiropractic adjustments can help alleviate back and neck pain; massages aim to induce relaxation

C$336.05 C$39

Three or Six Spinal-Decompression Treatments at HealthMedica (Up to 87% Off)



Noninvasive spinal-decompression therapy treats severe back pain caused by a number of health conditions

C$225 C$39

Postural Analysis and Treatment Regimen or Massage at The Posture Clinic (Up to 84% Off)

The Posture Clinic

Multiple Locations

After analyzing posture with digital-imaging technology, the chiropractor uses micro-adjustment techniques to realign the spine

C$90 C$39

C$49 for a Chiropractic Exam and Three Adjustments at Santizo Healthcare Solutions (C$200 Value)

Santizo Healthcare Solutions

Santizo Healthcare Solutions

Doctor of Chiropractic Jorge Santizo assesses overall and musculoskeletal health, then corrects misalignments of the spine with adjustments

C$200 C$49

C$275 or C$550 Towards Custom Fit Orthotics at Santizo Healthcare Solutions

Santizo Healthcare Solutions

Santizo Healthcare Solutions

These custom-fit insoles can help provide orthotic therapy to reduce foot pain and correct deviations from normal foot function

C$275 C$29

Chiropractic or Orthotic Exam Packages (Up to 93% Off). Three Options Available.

Dr. Joy Simon at The Healthy Joint

Dr. Joy Simon at The Healthy Joint

Dr. Joy Simon’s holistic practice focuses on healing injuries, pain management, mobility, and overall wellness

C$100 C$40

Examination and One or Two Chiropractic Treatments at Charmony Healthcare Center (Up to 58% Off)

Charmony Healthcare Center


Chiropractor with a decade of experience use hands-on spinal manipulation; proper alignment of the skeletal aims to enable the body to heal

C$135 C$65

Three or Six Spinal Decompression Treatments at The Vitality Center (Up to 93% Off)

The Vitality Center

Annex Location

Spinal decompression can alleviate pain caused by herniated and bulging disks, degenerative spine disorders, and other neck and back issues

C$900 C$65

C$55 for C$220 Worth of Chiropractic services at David Koivuranta Chiropractic

David Koivuranta Chiropractic


From the merchant: Doctor will meet with you to address your health interests and then provide recommendations on your second visit.

C$220 C$55

Chiropractic Package with One or Three Adjustments at Bayview Village Wellness Centre (Up to 83% Off)

Bayview Village Wellness Centre

Bayview Village

With an exam, muscle scan, and spinal imaging, chiropractors gain insight on spine subluxations before performing an adjustment to ease pain

C$144 C$29

One or Three Spinal-Decompression Treatments with Initial Consultation at Toronto Spine & Sports Clinic (Up to 93% Off)

Toronto Spine & Sports Clinic


Non-surgical spinal decompression therapy treats the cause rather than symptoms of chronic neck and low back pain

C$240 C$29

C$29 for a 3-Stage Spinal Decompression Treatment at Canadian Decompression & Pain Centers (C$442.50 Value)

Canadian Decompression & Pain Centers

Multiple Locations

Technicians ease back & neck pain in three stages using table to pull affected joints with added oxygen therapy

C$442.50 C$29

Chiropractic Packages with X-Rays and One or Three Adjustments at York Family Chiropractic (Up to 88% Off)

York Family Chiropractic


Chiropractic packages begin with a consultation & x-rays to determine source of health concerns followed by separate adjustment appointments

C$195 C$29

C$20 for C$225 Towards of Custom Orthotics at Oakville Injury and Pain Relief Center

Oakville Injury & Pain Relief Center

Oakville Injury & Pain Relief Center

Professionals start the healing process from the foundation up with these shoe inserts to fix the posture and promote healthy walking

C$225 C$20

Chiropractic-Treatment Package with X-Rays and Three or Six Adjustments at Churchill Chiropractic (Up to 87% Off)

Churchill Chiropractic


Chiropractors use a custom blend of up to six techniques to adjust vertebrae and relieve physical and emotional ailments

C$270 C$39

Chiropractic Exam with One or Three Adjustments at Bayview North Family Chiropractic (Up to 89% Off)

Bayview North Family Chiropractic

Richmond Hill

Clinic with three Doctors of Chiropractic on staff employs advanced technology to scan muscles and spines for potential problems

C$253 C$29

Up to 83% Off Chiropractic Package at Richmond Hill Total Health

Richmond Hill Total Health

Richmond Hill

From the merchant: Chiropractic package with an exam, muscle testing, spinal imaging, and one or three spinal traction treatments

C$144 C$29

Select Local Merchants

  • Klinika
    Klinika Health and Wellness Centre is conveniently located on the third floor of the Wycliffe House, a medical building on 4430 Bathurst Street. We provide our clients with complementary health services as Chiropractic treatment, Physiotherapy, Massage therapy and Acupuncture. All our providers are fully licensed and our services are covered by Extended Health Insurance Companies, WSIB and Motor Vehicle Insurance Companies. Our specialists has extended health care education and passionate by their work. We propose a natural, drug free approach to your pain relief.
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    Toronto, ON CA
  • The Posture Clinic Toronto
    In the early 2000s, Doctor of Chiropractic Guy Bahar of The Posture Clinic began to notice a disturbing trend in the postures of his patients. Heads started to jut forward, upper backs hunched over, and chests caved inward. Dr. Bahar theorized that motions associated with a technology-heavy lifestyle—including slumping in front of computer screens, hunching over to read handheld devices, and lugging around heavy pieces of particle accelerators—was steadily causing the public to develop poor postural habits over time. As a chiropractor, he believed that these habits were interfering with the nervous system in general and the spine in particular, inhibiting healthy nerve function and causing chronic pain or fatigue as a result. His signature posture-correcting regimen can correct these conditions with a number of different treatment modalities, each of which promotes neuromuscular health and encourages patients to maintain a towering posture. Initial assessments can begin with a battery of imaging scans, which can use thermography, x-rays, or surface EMG scans to gain invaluable insight into the body's structure and function. From there, Dr. Bahar and his staff of therapists can treat patients' particular conditions with muscle-relaxing massages, acupuncture sessions, and chiropractic micro-adjustments that completely avoid twisting the head or the neck.
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    Toronto, ON CA
  • OsteoMed Clinic
    What services does your business offer and what makes your business stand out from the competition? OsteoMed Clinic specializes in the treatment of back and neck pain, headaches, sleep and mood disorders, chronic and acute injuries and stress relief. Depending on clients' needs therapists use combination of different types of massage therapy, osteopathic manual techniques and acupuncture. What was the inspiration to start or run this business? Dr.Stan is one of the most educated and dedicated osteopathic manual practitioners in Toronto. MD from Europe with more than 15 years of experience, he studied osteopathy in Europe, USA an Canada and developed his unique manual approach to treatments. In 2014 Dr.Stan opened OsteoMed Clinic What do you love most about your job? What is the best reaction you've ever gotten from a customer? The majority of our new patients come because of recommendation by existing patients and other healthcare practitioners. One of the reasons for this, is that we often succeed in assisting recovery when people have exhausted their health care options.
    Read More
    Toronto, ON CA
  • Back Fix
    As a former university rugby player, Dr. Carly Butterworth knows what it's like to live with an injury. And as a Doctor of Chiropractic specialized in full-body Active Release Therapy and applied kinesiology, she helps ensure that her patients don't have to experience the same pain. Dr. Butterworth takes a holistic approach to address issues ranging from postural stability to joint mechanics, customizing treatments to suit the client. During ART sessions, Dr. Butterworth relies on more than 500 protocols—and the power of her own hands—to evaluate soft-tissue tightness. Then, she applies direct pressure while stretching the area with specific movements that work to correct muscle tightness and uncover sources of chronic ticklishness. Alternately, cases may require her to apply high-speed, low-pressure thrusts to manipulate the back and realign any misplaced spinal segments. She also uses stainless-steel tools to break down obstructing scar tissue and restore full range of motion.
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    Toronto, ON CA
  • Midtown Family Chiropractic Centre
    Thirty-three very important bones protect the nervous system’s chief communicator, the spinal cord. If even 1 of the 33 moves out of place, the associated nerves can suffer from increased pressure and irritation, effectively hindering the spine’s ability to relay sensory information from the body to the brain. That’s where the two Doctors of Chiropractic at Midtown Family Chiropractic Centre can help. The doctors offer a variety of services, such as subluxations and analyzing a client’s stride to determine if they need custom foot orthotics. As a result, they can relieve a wide range of maladies throughout the body, from chronic pain and fatigue to headaches, and frequent colds. The docs can also refer patients to the centre’s licensed massage therapist, who kneads away general tension, stress, and muscle soreness.
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    Toronto, ON CA
  • Modus Health and Performance
    At Modus Health and Performance, a team of chiropractors and registered massage therapists specialize in treating sports injuries, back pain, sprains, and repetitive stress injuries. By offering a blend of chiropractic care, massage, and rehabilitation, the team works together to restore their patients’ to health, allowing them to go about their lives without pain. During chiropractic treatments, the practitioner applies short, precise pressure to areas of the spine to realign bodily systems and revive the immune system. During acupuncture treatments, a seasoned acupuncturist place small, sterile needles at specific points along the body to help clear up internal blockages. Meanwhile, massage therapists work to eliminate stress and pain from muscles, providing individualized care and a variety of massage modalities.
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    Toronto, ON CA

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