Restaurants in Toronto

Toronto is Canada’s largest city, and with that comes some of the best eats. Unlike most cities in North America, Toronto doesn’t have just one famous dish like Chicago’s deep-dish pizza or New Orleans’ Po’boy. Instead, the city has become a foodie destination because of its diverse and cuisine options. Toronto restaurants are on nearly every street corner and each one brings a unique dining experience, no matter what you’re in the mood to eat. Check out some of our best deals on restaurants in Toronto.

Editor’s Picks for Most Romantic Restaurants

Pro Tip

When it comes to picking a restaurant, when all else fails, go with Italian food. Everyone loves it.

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Spotlight On: Ed’s Real Scoop

Looking for an after-dinner treat for the family? Ed’s Real Scoop is one of the best ice cream shop in Toronto. Choose from a wide selection of both classic and non-traditional ice cream and gelato flavors all made in house. FYI: Burnt marshmallow is the most popular!

Know Before You Go: Sushi Vocabulary

If you scan the menu at a Japanese restaurant, there might be dozens of types of sushi and words that you don't recognize. We’ll clear some of that up so that you can confidently order something delicious:

  • Sushi: raw seafood and other vegetables that have been wrapped up in vinegary rice or seaweed
  • Sashimi: only the seafood–no rice or seaweed
  • Ngiri: piece of seafood that lays on top of a bed of rice
  • Maki: name for a sushi roll, typically six or eight pieces of sushi
  • Temaki: sushi rolled inside a seaweed cone
  • Tako: octopus
  • Toro: tuna
  • Uni: sea urchin (pronounced "oo-nee")
  • Sake: salmon and also the word for fermented rice wine
  • Nori: the seaweed typically used to wrap sushi
  • Unagi: freshwater eel, always cooked
  • Ebi: shrimp, always cooked
  • Tobiko: roe, i.e. those little orange eggs on top of sushi

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Splitting the Check?

Dining out with groups is one of life's simple pleasures, but disagreeing over splitting a check can ruin an otherwise perfect meal. Here are some quick do’s and don’ts to remember.

DO: Ask the waiter up front if you can split the check.

DON’T: Ask for separate checks on a party over 8 people unless you've already worked it out with the restaurant beforehand. Just don't.

DO: Calculate how much you owe (plus tip!) and Venmo, Chase Quickpay, etc. the person you owe while still at the table.
DON'T: Make the person who fronted the bill have to ask you more than once for your share.

DO: Tip based on the quality of service you received.
DON'T: Round down on the tip, especially when you're in a group.

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How to Make the Perfect Burger

Groupon Editors

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Is there anything more beloved than a juicy burger? Probably not. In fact, it’s said to be the unofficial sandwich of America. That being said, Canada might give the U.S. a run for their money (and their title). Check out some of the best deals on burgers in Toronto.

Know Before You Go: How Do You Want That Cooked?

“Medium rare is the best because you still get that great char flavor, and the inside is soft and supple. It keeps the juices flowing, and the burger never dries out." - Brad Garoon, blogger of Burger Weekly

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Coffee vs. Espresso


  Brewed Coffee Espresso
Bean size Medium grind Fine grind
Taste Smooth finish Thicker, stronger aroma
Caffeine Level 80-185 mg of per 250ml cup 40-75 mg of per 30ml serving
Types of drinks drip, filter,cold brew, Nitro brew Latte, Cappuccino, Macchiato, 

Americano, Cortado, Flat White

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Know Before You Go: Different Types of Pizza


  1. New York Style: thin triangle piece cut to nearly an obtuse angle from a round pie.
  2. Chicago: deep dish, pie-like form with chunky sauce and thick crust/cheese base.
  3. New Haven: misshapen, oblong form that's cooked inside a coal-burning oven.
  4. Detroit: square, thick, bread-like dough topped with heaps of cheese.
  5. St. Louis: thin, unleavened crust topped with provel cheese—a St. Louis specialty blend of provolone, swiss, and white cheddar.
  6. Quad Cities: thick, doughy crust topped with a thin layer of spiced sauce, fennel-heavy sausage, and a layer of cheese, cut into strips.

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Try It: Dinner Date Plus

Combine dinner and entertainment for a unique night with a friend or significant other. Here are some of our recommendations:

More Than a Movie Night

Watch a flick and have dinner all in one place. The ultimate date-night is one that’s modern spin on the traditional "dinner and a movie." With a Groupon deal, the extra large popcorn won't set you back. Go wild. You deserve all the snacks and drinks that the concession stand offers.

Booze and Food Cruise

Pretend you're Jack and Rose for the night with a dinner cruise (minus, you know, tragedy). Get spectacular views of your city combined with the tranquility of being on the water. Most dinner cruises offer unlimited buffets and free-flowing drinks all night.

Murder Mystery Meal

Want to be a detective for the night? Enjoy food, drinks, and crime solving with a murder mystery dinner. Who knows, you might even be the culprit...or the victim. Dust off your dress-up clothes and start cracking. The murder isn't going to solve itself.