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My Top 10 Trends from New York Fashion Week

BY: Favin the Maven | Sep 12, 2014
My Top 10 Trends from New York Fashion WeekFashion Week coverage can be overwhelming. There are so many collections to see, celebs to spot, and reviews to read, all while you’re wishing for spring 2015 to hurry up already! (Yes, I know summer just barely ended.) To keep it simple (and fun), I’ve gathered the top 10 looks that I’ve seen so far, plus the names I thought up for them. Hopefully they’ll catch on, and everyone will be going Business-Picnic and Mermaid Punk! Tommy Hilfiger — Pepperland Posh favin-fashion-week-spring-2014_hilfiger_600c770 What happens when you combine a Beatles album, an American flag, and Kendall Jenner? You rock the runway, of course. Chromat — Cage Chic favin-fashion-week-spring-2014_chromat_600c490 Shoutout to Chromat for sending some curvy girls down the catwalk! The cages on these outfits remind me of old-school hoop-skirt boning, but reimagined for a sci-fi movie. ideel-style-shop-banner_600c137 Victoria Beckham — Ranch Glam favin-fashion-week-spring-2014_beckham_600c770 These shoes look like cowboy boots that got their tops cut off and then signed up for a spring makeover. Flower power all the way! J.Crew — Slouchy Style favin-fashion-week-spring-2014_jcrew_600c520 Baggy is back—and it’s office-appropriate! Also, way to go with nontraditional pant lengths, J.Crew. DKNY — Swimmy Bangs favin-fashion-week-spring-2014_DKNY_600c490 Wet-look baby hair, waved and swiped across the forehead. Is this the 2015 version of sideswiped bangs? Or an homage to Josephine Baker’s Roaring Twenties kiss curls? haircare-deals-banner_600c66 Michael Kors — Business-Picnic favin-fashion-week-spring-2014_kors_600c770 For when you just have to have that important corporate meeting beneath a willow tree. Diane von Furstenberg — Business-Picnic (Sexy Edition) favin-fashion-week-spring-2014_dvf1_600c520 Just as springy as the Michael Kors collection, but with a little less color and a little more sass. Lacoste — Super Sailor favin-fashion-week-spring-2014_lacoste_600c490 These clothes might be made for yachting, but the panels trailing behind some of the outfits look like superhero capes. Plus, the models seem ready to kick some butt. Oscar de la Renta — Forest Party favin-fashion-week-spring-2014_oscar1_600c660 This is what the most fashionable woodland fairies would wear to one another’s birthday parties. Rodarte — Mermaid Punk favin-fashion-week-spring-2014_rodarte_600c520 Netting, anemones, and tons of eyebrow piercings. Ariel just got angsty, and she looks amazing. Use this article to inspire you as you shop Goods and ideel for the latest fashions.
Favin the Maven
BY: Favin the Maven