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The Best Dog Treats and Chews

Goldendoodle puppy chewing on a toy

Doesn't your best friend deserve the best dog treats you can buy? That little furball is always happy to see you, no matter your mood—and never asks for anything in return. Dogs act as therapists, court jesters, and protectors; it's really time you reward yours with something special. Here are our recommendations for the best dog treats and chews on our site.

For chewing

pack of Best Bully Sticks


Bully Sticks

What are bully sticks made of? Authentic bully sticks are made from the pizzle of a bull, which is dried until hard. They're rich in protein and also high in calories. 

Best for: All but the most ardent chewers can make one of these last a while. 


trio of lamb ears


Animal Ears

Yes, these are actual ears, and dogs love them. They're dried and sometimes smoked or baked. While you're most likely to find pig ears, they're also taken from other animals, such as lamb or cow.

Best for: Medium to gentle chewers—voracious pups can wolf these down easily.



Himalayan Dog Chews

These treats are actually a hard cheese made from yak's and cow's milk. They're super long-lasting, as they have to be gnawed on for a good while until the pup can nibble off tiny bites.

Best for: Dogs of all bite strengths


Nutri Chomps rawhide alternative treats


Rawhide & Alternatives

Rawhide for dogs is made from cow or horse hides, then pressed into shapes such as rawhide bones or even balls and rattles. But rawhide can be harsh on some dogs' tummies, so more gentle rawhide-like products are made from chicken or pork skin.

Best for: Medium to gentle chewers, though those with a tougher bite can try pressed rawhide, which is longer lasting.




Deer and elk naturally shed their antlers, and they make for very long-lasting dog chews. They're also all-natural and even good for the most voracious chewers.

Best for: Dogs with stronger jaws, though some gentler pups like to simply lick them.

For eating

Foppers Pet Treat Bakery Birthday Gift Set



The classic treat—and they come in so many shapes, sizes, and flavors, your dog could have something different every day.

Best for: All dogs—who doesn't like a good cookie?

Wellness Crunchy Puppy Bites for Dogs


Soft Treats

These are moist little morsels that are usually made with some kind of meat—sometimes also fruits or vegetables. They're good for older dogs with weaker teeth, and they make great dog training treats because most pups can scarf one down in seconds.

Best for: Dogs in training, quick and easy treats

Pawstruck Jerky Treats



Just like the jerky you love, only tougher, these treats are typically made from beef or chicken, dried to a chewy consistency.

Best for: Dogs who like to savor their treats

Arm & Hammer Nubbies Dental Treats


Dental Chews

To help reduce tartar in the mouth of your dog, dental chews are a yummy solution. They usually contain an ingredient such as chlorophyll to freshen the breath and help keep teeth clean between brushing.

Best for: All dogs—especially those with potent breath

Sweet Potato Chews


Fruits and veggies

Some fresh fruits and veggies make for super-healthy dog treats—but if you don't want to keep fresh produce on hand for your furry friend, you can try it in treats, such as sweet potato dog treats, made from dried sweet potatoes and nothing else.

Best for: All dogs

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