A Guide to Our Best Gifts for Kids

A kid opening a present.

It can be hard to buy gifts for kids. First of all, they typically don't yet have the social skills to pretend to like something in order to spare your feelings. Plus, kids' interests change all of the time, so a gift that was perfect last year now might just bring disappointment.

To help you find something they'll actually like, we put together a list of top gift ideas for kids. 

picasso tiles


Picasso Tiles

Few educational toys for kids ages 3 and up are this fun. Kids can use the magnetic blocks to build everything from trains and cars to buildings and rocketships, and will subconsciously learn about geometry in the process. A booklet with more than 90 suggested shapes and structures are included, but kids will love inventing their own unique designs too.


Squishies sets

In case you haven't heard, squishies are the hot toy for 2018, more or less de-throning the mighty fidget spinner. The squishy soft foam toys are basically nothing more than stress balls in adorable shapes—but then again, maybe that's why they're so fun?


Brain quest cards

You're never too young to appreciate a good game of trivia, and kids will love showing off what they've learned in school with these grade-based Q&A cards, which are categorized by both age and grade level. Bonus: they also feature vibrant graphics that make learning feel more like a game and less like homework.


BB-8 Droid with force band

Know a Star Wars fan who wishes they could use the force in real life? Thanks to the power of Bluetooth, they can! Simply strap on the watch-like force band (or download a free mobile app, if you prefer), and the BB-8 droid will move in response to their hand gestures. Master Yoda would be proud.


Barbie 3-story townhouse

Barbie may have downsized from her dreamhouse, but that's because she knows that, in today's real-estate market, it's less about square footage and more about details. Among the features of her new 3-story townhouse is an elevator, ultra-modern transparent tub, and a mid-century modern dining table and chairs. Can you say, "resale value"?


Building Brick Mug

The secret to getting kids to stay seated at the dinner table? Try serving them milk or juice in this fun, plastic mug, which is made to accommodate colorful building bricks, making mealtime feel like playtime.


glow-in-the-dark race track

These snap-together race track pieces aren't just easy enough for most three-year-olds to put together, they also glow in the dark, giving kids something to look forward to when they finish constructing their course. Also awesome: the battery-powered LED light-up car that comes with the set.

Child enjoying a museum



Sometimes, the best gifts for kids (and parents) is an excuse to get out of the house for the day. Most children's museums also have special areas dedicated to toddlers, pre-school age kids, grade-schoolers, and even tweens, making this a perfect gift for kids of all ages.


ball helicopter

Ball helicopters aren't just a blast to play with—they also help kids master hand-eye coordination, thanks to special hover-sensor technology that helps kids better track them on their way back to earth. We like the Captain America version ourselves, but kids can choose from a slew of Marvel heroes, popular emojis, and even Minions characters.


Pete the cat tees

No kid likes to get clothes for the holidays—unless of course, we're talking about a really cool t-shirt. These super-groovy tees feature illustrations from the popular Pete the Cat book and cartoon series, and are sure to be a hot gift this year, especially since Pete is rumored to be getting his own Christmas special this November. (Psst: they also come in grown-up sizes!)



Light-Up cat ear headphones

These best-selling headphones with light-up cat ears will impress any tween with both their cute design and their high-quality sound. BTW: they come in a panda-ear version too!


Melissa & Doug See & Spell

These fun wooden puzzles help kids learn to spell basic 3- and 4-letter words with the help of visual cues. And, as a bonus, the wooden letters can also be used as stencils, allowing kids to continue practicing on paper.


Unicorn or mermaid sneakers with matching purse

These absolutely mythical sneakers are sure to make a splash on the playground, and are easy for young kids to slip on and off. We'd tell you more about then, but we're honestly too busy trying to figure out if they come in adult sizes. 


Maserati rIDE-ON CAR

Sure, you might not be able to afford a Maserati, but that doesn't mean your kids can't hop behind the wheel and cruise the neighborhood in style. This officially-licensed kids' ride-on car features life-like sounds and lights, and even comes equipped with an MP3 connection so your kids never miss a call from the office.

Child enjoying a trampoline park


Trampoline Park or Playland Visit

There's no better way to wear out small children (and adults, for that matter), and this is an activity that will be especially welcome during those long winter months. Just make sure you check the location's age and height requirements before buying.

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