A Guide to Our Best Gifts for Kids

A kid opening a present.

It can be hard to buy gifts for kids. First of all, they typically don't yet have the social skills to pretend to like something in order to spare your feelings. Plus, kids' interests change all of the time, so a gift that was perfect last year now might just bring disappointment.

To help you find something they'll actually like, we put together a list of top gift ideas for kids based on their age ranges. So whether you're an aunt looking for an entertaining yet educational gift for your young nephew or a grandfather shopping for a new gadget for a tween girl, we can help you.

Gifts for Babies [0–12 months]

Trend-Lab swaddle blanket



These cotton swaddles surround babies with soft warmth. Plus, with their variety of cute patterns, they easily fit any nursery-room theme.

Baby playing with Melissa & Doug K's Kids Activity Center


Melissa & Doug Turtle Ball Pit

We want to crawl into this plush turtle ball pit as grown adults, so we can only imagine how much joy it will bring a little one.

Child visiting a zoo

Zoo Visit

Or take them on an outing to the zoo to see their favorite storybook animals in real life. Bonus points if it's a petting zoo full of novel tactile sensations.

Gifts for Toddlers (12 months to 3 years)

Roll 'N Pop Walker


Roll 'N Pop Walker

Walkers can help toddlers feel more comfortable standing and walking. This one stimulates their imaginations with fun melodies and flashing lights.

Child enjoying a museum


Children's Museum Pass

Children's museums usually have special areas dedicated to toddlers. For instance, the renowned Chicago Children's Museum has seven play areas designed specifically for toddlers and babies.

Child enjoying a trampoline park


Trampoline Park or Playland Visit

There's no better way to wear out small children. Just make sure you check the location's age and height requirements before buying.

Gifts for Young Kids (4–7 years old)

Child enjoying baseball game


Baseball Game

Kids this age are starting to get into sports. Encourage their interest by taking them to a baseball game for a day filled with action and tasty ballpark food.




One of the best gifts for kids when they start to get older is an iPad or tablet, which can keep them entertained (and quiet) for hours. Just make sure you check with the parents first because they may have rules about their kids' amount of screen time.



Elephant Pro Two-Wheeled Kick Scooter

Kick scooters can help kids improve their balance and coordination, but more importantly, they're fun. Just make sure you pick them up a helmet, too.

Gifts for Tweens (8–12 years old)

Teenager enjoying paintball



Treat your tween and a bunch of their friends to a paintball outing. Many facilities even have scenarios designed to resemble popular video games.



Jamsonic DJ-Style Cat Ear Headphones

These best-selling headphones with light-up cat ears will impress any tween girl with both their cute design and their high-quality sound.

Hair chalk


Hair Chalk

Hair chalk is especially great for tweens because it allows them to express themselves. And it's great for parents because it easily washes out.

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