12 Great New Years Workouts, Paired with Your Zodiac Sign

BY: Shannon Grilli |Dec 20, 2018

It’s almost 2019! Which means, of course, that it’s time to start thinking about all those New Year’s resolutions. But if you’re the type of person who tends to ditch their New Year’s workout by the time February hits, maybe it’s time to look to the stars for your fitness inspiration?  

Yes, we know that horoscopes aren’t real (... right?). But we also think that forming a New Years workout plan around the best workout for your zodiac sign doesn’t seem any less ridiculous than jumping on whatever fitness craze is currently the most trendy (we’re looking at you, goat yoga). So why not put your faith in the celestial bodies and give our recommendation for the best New Year’s workout for your zodiac sign a try? Who knows… you just might come away with a newfound appreciation for astrology (and a chiseled core).

Capricorn (Dec 22—Jan 19)

You are: disciplined and responsible, with good leadership abilities. You hold a bit of a grudge, though, and tend to expect the worst.

Your ideal workout:

Martial Arts

Just like you, the martial arts value self-discipline and self-restraint in equal parts, and your natural ability to focus on the task at hand could see you climbing the ranks to black belt status in no time. Sure, you’ll probably never have to use your hand-to-hand combat skills in real life—but it never hurts to be prepared.

Aquarius (Jan 20—Feb 18)

You are: generous, forward-thinking, and independent (almost to a fault).

Your ideal workout:

Personal Training

It takes a truly self-driven person to stick to a personal training regimen long term, but that’s exactly the type of steadfast and independent trainee you are, Aquarius. Your creative side will be stoked too, since you’ll likely work with your trainer to develop a routine that’s tailor made for you, and the relationship you form with them will be respectful and friendly, but not braid-each-others-hair kind of friendly. Which is exactly how you like it.

Pisces (Feb 19—Mar 20)

You are: gentle, creative, and sensitive. Always living in a dream world (for better or worse).

Your ideal workout:

Mermaid Swim Class

It’s no surprise that the zodiac fish belongs in the water, but swimming laps is too boring for dreamy, romantic Pisces. No, for once that dream world you’re always living in becomes reality as you wiggle into a mermaid tail and practice your undersea choreography with other fitness enthusiasts who are just as willing to let their imaginations run wild. This might just be a New Years workout you have no trouble sticking to. In fact, the hard part will be getting you out of the pool!

Aries (Mar 21—Apr 19)

You are: confident, determined, and competitive, but a little impatient at times.

Your ideal workout:

Indoor Cycling

Your competitive nature sometimes gets you in trouble, Aries, but it will be put to good use in a spinning class where the objective is to torch as many calories as possible. Your determination will come in handy when it comes time to tackle those virtual hills, and the addition of upper body weight training will keep the sport from getting boring when you’ve already left your fellow bikers in the (virtual) dust.

Taurus (Apr 20—May 20)

You are: patient, loyal, and determined, with a good work ethic. But you’re also not gonna do anything you don’t wanna do.

Your ideal workout:

Boot camp

Boot camps aren’t for the faint of heart, Taurus, but you’re not the type to run and hide from military-type drills or early-morning burpees. In fact, you’re likely to love the rigid structure and routine of regular boot camp sessions. Of course, there’s bound to be at least one exercise that you just cannot stand, but don’t worry—most routines change from session to session, and instructors are (usually) willing to give you modified exercise to do if you really and truly can’t stand the one they’ve slotted in.

Gemini (May 21—Jun 20)

You are: curious and fun-loving. You have the ability to pick up new things easily, but get easily bored too.

Your ideal workout:


You’ll never be bored in a CrossFit workout, Gemini. In fact, the challenging routines—which usually spotlight high-intensity, functional exercises such as kettlebell swings and tire flips—are specifically designed to prevent workout plateaus and keep your body guessing. You’ll never know what’s coming from day-to-day, with routines that incorporate everything from weight-training to gymnastics. Plus, you’ll get to workout alongside other exercisers that share your love of new experiences, so you’ll be adding to your social circle too!

Cancer (Jun 21—Jul 22)

You are: intuitive, independent, and imaginative. You’re a loyal friend, though you often get a bit anxious in crowds.

Your ideal workout:


Some peace and quiet is exactly what you’re craving in 2019 and a soothing yoga routine fits the bill nicely. Whether you practice in private or in a class, you’ll appreciate the chance to escape from the hustle and bustle of the outside world and direct your thoughts inward, making this not just an ideal workout for your body, but for your soul. When you’re ready for a challenge, consider trying a hot yoga class to keep your workout from getting too predictable.

Leo (Jul 23—Aug 22

You are: energetic, social, and fun-loving, though you have a tendency to want to be the center of attention.

Your ideal workout:


You’ll have so much fun showing off your spicy moves in Latin dance-inspired Zumba classes that you won’t even remember you’re working out. Even if your moves aren’t the best in your class, your outgoing personality will make you the star and you’ll likely foster friendships that extend beyond your time in the gym.

Virgo (Aug 23—Sep 22)

You are: a shy and modest introvert known for your rational, intellectual mind.

Your ideal workout:

Pole Fitness

Pole dancing? You? This may seem like an unlikely pick for a shrinking violet like yourself, Virgo. But hear us out! The private, intimate atmosphere in these sultry fitness classes gives you a safe space to unleash the spicy side you usually keep under wraps, and your careful attention to detail means you’ll have no trouble mastering advanced moves like inversions. If this still sounds too extreme for your shy soul, might we suggest an aerial yoga class instead?

Libra (Sep 23—Oct 22)

You are: gentle, romantic, and graceful. Libras are happiest when everybody else is getting along and are the “peacemakers” of the zodiac.

Your ideal workout:


You may have been a dancer in a past life, Libra, or maybe a gymnast, so you’ll be a natural in Pilates class where proper form, perfect posture, and core-strength are the focus. Here you’ll find the same calming atmosphere of a traditional yoga class, but with more focus on building muscle and control—both things that will appeal to your love of symmetry and balance.

Scorpio (Oct 23—Nov 21)

You are: courageous, passionate, and resourceful with a bit of a secretive side. On the surface you are friendly and outgoing—unless someone crosses you!

Your ideal workout:


You’re the type of person others trust with their innermost secrets, Scorpio, and that can be an awful lot of responsibility to bear, even for someone as loyal and trustworthy as you. All that stress has gotta go somewhere, so why not let off some steam in a kickboxing class where you can channel all that pent up angst and anxiety and turn it into something healthy? Soon, you won’t just be everybody’s great friend, you’ll be the great friend with the dynamite abs.

Sagittarius (Nov 22—Dec 21)

You are: optimistic, idealistic, and always searching for new ways to grow. You can also be impatient, though, and have trouble with follow-through.

Your ideal workout:


Let’s just come right out and say it: commitment isn’t your thing Sagittarius. You simply get bored too easily to enjoy doing the same moves over and over again. You’ll do much better lacing up those sneakers and getting outside (something you love), where the changing seasons and busy outside world will give you the steady stream of stimulation you crave. If you need more motivation to keep going, consider signing up for a fun run or marathon so you have a concrete goal to work toward.


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