The Ten People You Meet on Black Friday

BY: Sean O'Toole   |   June 8, 2020

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For many people, Black Friday and Cyber Monday sales are as much of a holiday ritual as decorating the tree or mailing coal to relatives. But those who show up for the madness year after year eventually notice something: that the people around them fall into a pattern which, once seen, cannot be denied. Here are the ten people you will meet if you venture into the retail wild this year.

1. The Strategists


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Who they are: the family that’s planned this trip like it’s a mission to steal launch codes from the Kremlin

Telltale signs: walkie-talkies sewn to coats; store blueprints swiped from the county clerk; eyes colder than a $40 mini-fridge

Often spotted: three moves ahead of you


2. The Campers


blackfriday 0001 10peopleCamper jpg

Who they are: people who had better things to do than sit at home spending time with the people they’re buying presents for

Telltale sign: they brought many things

Often spotted: catching up on sleep between sentences


3. The Nervous Employee


blackfriday 0006 10peopleEmployee jpg 

Who he is: a regular person who watched a six-minute training video on crowd control

Telltale sign: he has the same helpless expression as everyone else, except he's wearing a name tag

Often spotted: jumping at loud noises like a rookie police officer


4. The Accidental Shopper


blackfriday 0008 10peopleAccidentalShopper jpg 

Who she is: an innocent. Someone who thought this would be a good day to buy more cereal. This was not a good day to buy more cereal.

Telltale signs: a mostly empty cart, a mostly sinking heart

Often spotted: reaching the entrance, realizing her mistake, weighing the value of more cereal against the time investment of obtaining more cereal, venturing a few steps forward, thinking again, leaving to spend the next few weeks in bed

5. The Squabbling Couple


blackfriday 0005 10peopleCouple jpg

Who they are: two people who liked each other as recently as yesterday

Telltale sign: the ability to ask a question about warranties in a way that communicates resentment with each other

Often spotted: yes, they are often spotted

6. The Shady Reseller


blackfriday 0003 10peopleReseller jpg

Who he is: possibly just a guy who needs a whole lot of blenders

Telltale sign: there’s no way he needs that many blenders

Often spotted: demanding to know where to find more blenders

7. The Out-of-Place Child


blackfriday 0000 10peopleKid jpg 

Who she is: a kid, man. Just a kid. Why isn’t she in bed? What kind of ploy is this?

Telltale signs: smaller than everyone else, though oddly less inclined to throw tantrums

Often spotted: scampering through the crowd’s legs with the last Blu-Ray player

8. The Weird Santa


blackfriday 0002 10peopleSanta jpg

Who he is: hopefully, someone who works here

Telltale signs: beard as white as snow, eyes as red as poinsettias

Often spotted: on the news the next day, though you didn’t catch why

9. The Extreme Couponer


blackfriday 0004 10peopleCouponer jpg 

Who he is: someone who likes a bargain. Is that so wrong?

Telltale sign: his coupons are stored in any manner other than shoved in a pocket

Often spotted: trying to stack a BOGO on an expired peelie

10. The Spirit of Disgruntlement


blackfriday 0007 10peopleAntiChristmas jpg 

Who It is: the anti-Santa. The bleak mood in the air. That feeling that maybe you should be somewhere else, doing something else...anything else.

Telltale signs: dressed in black and carrying a discounted scythe for each of Its cousins

Often spotted: whenever you close your eyes


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(Images by Jess Snively and Michelle Klosinski for Groupon.)


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