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Cheap Gifts: 12 Ideas Under $25

Family exchanging gifts

Everyone knows you don't have to spend a ton of money on a present to show someone you care. In fact, some situations call for just the right cheap gifts, and spending too much comes off as overdoing it (think Secret Santa).

Below you'll find 13 cheap gift ideas that come in handy when you need to give just a little something.


Quilted Dog Jacket

Yes, that's right—there are gifts for dogs on this list, and why not? Your pup is a reflection of you, after all, and when he's out sporting this chic, quilted Eddie Bauer coat, there will be no doubt about which house has the best fashion sense on the block. 




Chromecast is the gift that keeps on giving. It creates a connection between devices, so that means no one has to get up when Netflix asks "Are you still watching?" Because we know the answer is always yes.


LED Makeup mirror

This LED equipped makeup mirror is like a modern day version of those old Hollywood vanities you see in classic films. Except that ours offer three different magnification modes and lights that can be dimmed with just a touch. Eat your heart out Mae West.

Woman getting a spa facial mask.


Spa Facial

Ordinarily a nice relaxation facial wouldn't fall in the "cheap gifts" category, but with the magic of our deals, you're likely to find one for $25 or less near you. Want proof? Check out these deals in Denver, Dallas, and Los Angeles.


NFL Team flask

It takes a lot to be a die-hard fan, and that includes game days spent in freezing conditions. Whether you're tailgating or shivering in the stands, this officially-licensed flask will help you stay warm and show off your team pride.

Teardrop Bangle In Sterling Silver Plating


Teardrop Bangle in Sterling-Silver Plating

This piece delivers a tasteful touch of class at an incredibly modest price, which explains why it's produced more than its share of happy customers; it's currently sitting at 4.5 stars with more than 2,200 customer ratings.


Spinning facial cleanser brush

Sticking to a skincare routine at home is hard enough, but sticking to one while traveling? Nearly impossible—unless they have this handy travel spin brush, which gently exfoliates and cleanses skin, ousting dirt and oil from pores to ensure th

BYOB Art Class


BYOB Art Class

These outings have been growing in popularity for years now, thanks to their winning combination of informative art instruction and social atmosphere. Again, they might not ordinarily qualify for a list of inexpensive gifts, but there are plenty of deals in the sub-$25 price range on our site (see these events in St. Louis, Nashville, and Cleveland).


Monogrammed moscow mule mugs

The Moscow mule trend is still going strong, so this year is a perfect time to gift someone a new set of copper mugs with a personal touch: their initials engraved right onto the shiny finish. You could also go the extra mile and pair the set with a favorite vodka or gin, but the mugs also look pretty impressive all on their own.

Handheld Portable Air Conditioner


Handheld Portable Air Conditioner

Keep cool with a lightweight handheld A/C device small enough to fit in a purse or pocket. The unit is capable of lowering air temperature up to 30 degrees, and it comes with a lanyard so you can wear it around your neck while you use it. It even doubles as a humidifier thanks to the included humidifier sponge.

Woman enjoying a wine tasting.


Wine Tasting

It's tricky to price local experiences like this, but there's a good chance you can find an inexpensive deal for sampling wine in a city near you. Many experiences also include other goodies, like cheese and meat pairings or vineyard tours.


Heated car blanket

Nothing is worse than jumping into a freezing cold car and doing a dance while you wait for the heat to kick in. This electric blanket (which plugs into your car's 12V DC accessory socket, will help you get warm faster and is also great to have on hand in the event of a cold-weather roadside emergency.

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