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Chicago Agenda: Thursday, January 16

BY: Tyler Clark | Jan 15, 2014
Chicago Agenda: Thursday, January 16Chicago-Agenda-Thursday-January-16_600c338 Never Been to Paris Comedian Sean Flannery augments his awkward moments with AV elements during his popular one-man show When he’s not coaxing others to share their stories of drunken debauchery as the host of The Blackout Diaries, comedian Sean Flannery makes a career out of getting into scrapes of his own. To put it another way: the first thing you encounter when visiting his page on his agent’s website is a message, in bolded 24-point font, reading “Sean Flannery has attended the wrong wedding twice. That pretty much sums him up as a person.” Flannery puts this awkwardness to good use during Never Been to Paris, his ongoing one-man show at The Comedy Bar (157 W. Ontario St.). His long-form anecdotes gain extra comedic heft thanks to the show’s AV elements: well-timed audio clips and an ever-changing projection screen give many tales the intimacy of inside jokes you were actually there to experience. (8 p.m. $10+; buy tickets here) Street Style Summit Style blogger Isa Giallorenzo and the vintage experts at Kokorokoko team up for this inaugural fashion party Tonight, trendsetters from across the city will gather at Beauty Bar (1444 W. Chicago Ave.) for the most fashionable meeting since the opening scenes of The Warriors. Overseen by Sasha Hodges and the vintage experts at Kokorokoko, the Street Style Summit gives the city’s stylish sorts a warm place to show off winter plumage without catching a chill. In addition to music, manicure specials, and Beauty Bar’s signature drinks, the party also partly about preservation; Chicago Looks style chronicler Isa Giallorenzo will behind the camera all night, archiving shots of the fleeting trends and timeless looks popular in the early days of 2014. RSVP here for a hosted champagne bar from 9 p.m. to 10 p.m. (9 p.m.–2 a.m. Admission is free.) Riddle Me That Jeopardy and Double Dare collide during this quirky weekly quiz show at Town Hall Pub Here’s a riddle I just wrote: where can you hear a ukulele concert, win a homemade pie, and test your knowledge of the world around you all at the same time? Give up? It’s Riddle Me That, the weekly quiz show held at Boystown’s Town Hall Pub (3340 N. Halsted St.). OK, so maybe I don’t know how riddles work, but I do know that Riddle Me That beats the stuffing out of your average pub trivia night. Mixing equal parts Jeopardy and Double Dare, the show breaks up its questions with physical challenges corresponding to each week’s supersecret theme. The thrill of competition isn’t the show���s only draw, though: host Jake Penzell wields a Richard Dawson–sized wit during interactions with contestants, and sideman Jason Weinberg adds a welcome musical element with the help of his aforementioned uke. Oh, also: first place wins cash. (8 p.m., $5) Photo courtesy of Sean Flannery