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13 Cool Kitchen Gadgets

mom and daughter laughing in the kitchen

Sometimes the cool kitchen gadgets are the ones you'd never think to get. They're the ones that fill a void or solve a problem you'd always assumed there was no way around. Maybe you're sick of fighting with stubborn jar lids or perhaps you're interested in kitchen tools that can finally help you figure out how to slice a dang pineapple. Whatever your trouble, there's probably a tool that can help. So whether you're looking for gifts for foodies or maybe just shopping for yourself, we collected some of the coolest gadgets on our site for you to browse right here:


Multi-Size Jar-Lid Opener

Some jar lids are sealed so tight it would take a vise to open then. Don't let a stubborn lid stand in the way of pasta night. This opener better utilizes your own strength to open jar lids.


Silicone Egg Poachers

Poached eggs are decadent, but so difficult to make at home. These simple, yet useful cups cradle eggs in the boiling water, keeping yolks intact.


Countertop Tablet Stand

With the plethora of recipes online, it can really help to have a sturdy stand to prop up your phone or tablet while you cook. As for floury finger smudges, you'll have to get a screen-protector for that!


Pizza Scissors

Instead of dragging the pizza wheel back and forth, slice and serve your pie in one fell swoop. This is also handy for other sliceable flatbreads, such as quesadillas.


Meat Shredder

Two forks are no match for these when you want to make pulled pork. Not just one of the most useful kitchen gadgets; as you tear through your slow-cooked loin with these, you'll feel like Wolverine.


Sushi Roller

This great gadget automates one of the toughest parts of making your own maki.


Pineapple Corer

Simply press down and twist, and this gadget will spiralize and cut the core from an unwieldy fruit. And it'll leave the shell intact to use as a cup.


Vegetable Chopper

Make short work of dicing veggies, fruit, or even gummi bears.


Batter Dispenser

This drops perfect circles onto cooking surfaces, without the mess.


Spoon and Ladle Set

Save another dish from the dishwasher; these utensils are notched in the handle so they can be perched on the rim of a cooking pot.


Automatic Wine Bottle Opener

Save your strength for lifting your glass with this motor-powered bottle opener.


Cherry Pitter

Tackle the hardest part of making cherry pie with this little powerhouse, which pops the pits out of multiple cherries at once.


Roll-Up Dish-Drying Rack

Dish-drying racks take up way too much room. This one can be set atop the sink and rolled up when not needed.

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