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Five Health and Beauty Trends I Can’t Wait to Try in 2014

BY: Favin the Maven | Dec 20, 2013
Five Health and Beauty Trends I Can’t Wait to Try in 2014This year I’m doing something a little different with my New Year’s resolutions. Instead of focusing on things I want to stop doing, I made a list of five new trends I want to try. There’s a little bit of everything on here—from a workout to a laser treatment. 1. Aerial Yoga This type of yoga swaps out the yoga mat for silk hammocks that hang from the ceiling, and it might be my only opportunity to pretend I’m a Cirque Du Soleil performer. It’s a good workout, too, incorporating movements from ballet, Pilates, and traditional yoga to strengthen and tone the whole body. Here in Chicago, I’ll be going to AIR (2217 N. Clybourn Ave.) to check it out. 2. V Steam Mom, Dad, the V in V Steam stands for “very fun.” Now please look away from your computer screens. Everyone else: this treatment involves sitting on a chair with an open seat, sort of like a toilet, above steaming water infused with herbs, spices, and teas. Many women say it's effective in relieving cramps, regulating your cycle, and restoring optimal health to your nether regions. 3. i-Lipo A laser that supposedly zaps away unwanted fat? Yes please! I’ll be visiting Advanced Laser Body Care Institute (multiple locations) to check out this body-contouring treatment. Stay tuned for the results! five-health-and-beauty-trends-i-cant-wait-to-try-in-2014_600c390 4. Adventurous Lipstick Up until recently, you were lucky if I even put lipstick on, let alone bright lipstick. I always went with dark eyes and a nude lip. It takes swag to pull off color, and I wasn’t sure I could do it. But for 2014, I’m trying to experiment with new, bolder lipstick. I’m planning to start slow with pinks and reds, but by the end of the year, I might be rocking neon turquoise. 5. Vampire Facial This service is a creepy one, but that’s why I’m excited to get it done! In this treatment, a specialist will use microneedles to apply my own platelets—AKA my blood—back onto my face. This process helps boost blood flow to the face, promote collagen regrowth, and revitalize skin. The result: a smoother, more radiant face, without any exposure to chemicals. Back to Favin the Maven Photo: top, Stephanie Bassos; bottom, Mark William Mills, Groupon
Favin the Maven
BY: Favin the Maven