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10 Gift Ideas for a Winter Date Guaranteed to Make Memories

BY: Editors | Nov 1, 2019

Couple drinking wine on a date

Not sure what to get your significant other for the holidays? Consider giving them the gift of a memorable date night, something that goes beyond an expensive dinner. But what exactly? These 10 date-night experiences should lure those heart butterflies to flutter fond memories into your relationship and beyond. Or at the very least, these special experiences should make you laugh and have fun! 

couple getting a hot stone massage


Book a couples massage

This is the ultimate minimal-effort quick date night. Think about it: all you have to do is make an appointment and show up! The only other requirement is that you lie down, and you get to savor a relaxing 60-minute massage with your partner. It's a more laid-back version of a date and you'll come out of it feeling rejuvenated, not more stressed.




Man happily drinking a beer with friends


Take a brewery tour and sample the beers

A brewery tour and tasting only takes a little bit more planning than “going out for a drink,” and yet it feels like a much bigger event. The best part is that most brewery tours only take between 30 minutes to an hour. And while we enjoy ogling at giant aluminum vats filled with something called “wort” as much as the next person, the real treat is getting to sample the product, often included at the end of your tour.




People trying to solve an escape room puzzle


Save the world (or solve a murder) in an escape room

There’s literally a timer on this kind of date, and it’s usually a countdown to see if you can break out of prison or stop an assassination attempt—sometimes something even more dramatic. Find out if all those episodes of NCIS: New Orleans you watched pay off when you take on an escape room, where you and your partner use logic to beat the clock and escape from a themed room. Consider yourself warned, your competitive edge will surely come out.




Couple admiring art in a museum


Explore a special exhibit at a favorite museum

Head to your local art, science, or history museum to see the exhibit that everyone has been talking about. Take advantage of the fact that you're only there to see, for examplethe special jellyfish exhibit at the aquarium. That way, you'll be more patient with the crowds and guilt-free when you spend all your time there, instead of running around trying to see everything available. That's for another day. For now, it's just jellyfish time.




Couple playing mini golf


Putt-putt around

Mini golf is a classic for a simple-yet-playful date. And in the country's warmer climes, it's a year-round activity. So instead of spending four hours tackling 18 holes of regular competitive golf, you take 45 minutes to play 18 holes of silly, carefree golf. Along the way, you can chat, poke fun at your date for their poor putting skills, and wax poetic about your love of windmills.




Couple laughing at a BYOB paint night


Share an artistic medium...and some wine

One of the best quick date ideas is to take a pottery, ceramics, or local BYOB paint-and-sip-class together. These art classes are both productive and relaxing, and you and your partner can sign up for a 4- or 6-week class so that a weekly date is consistently on the calendar. Best-case scenario, you find your calling. Worst-case scenario, you now have a strange, inferior version of The Starry Night to call your own.




Couple playing with VR visors


Experience new worlds at a VR lounge

Take your relationship into the future by spending an hour together in an imaginative virtual world. VR lounges typically offer dozens of different experiences, so you and your date could conceivably fly off to distant planets or battle zombies in a post-apocalyptic future—and be back in time for dinner.




Couple singing at karaoke


Show off your vocal range at a karaoke bar

If your date still wants to be seen with you after you hit all the high notes in Celine Dion’s “My Heart Will Go On,” then you’ve found a keeper. A karaoke date night will show each of you at your goofiest while remaining constantly entertaining no matter who’s singing.




Couple kayaking in swimsuits


See the sights from a kayak

A kayak tour is one of the great date night ideas (or date day ideas) that is both sporty and artsy. It offers an interesting vantage point to nature or a cityscape that you wouldn't otherwise have the opportunity to see. For an extra romantic angle (and a way to foster teamwork), try to find a tandem kayak.




Flower growing in a botanical garden


Walk through your favorite park

Upgrade your basic couples stroll around the neighborhood with a trip to a botanical garden. See all the beautiful flowers and plants, enjoy the open air, and smell the roses (literally and figuratively). Throw a nice filter on the pics you took, post one to Instagram, and you just had yourselves a quick and easy date.

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