Find Your Center at Circle City's Best Yoga Studios

BY: Groupon Guide |Jun 30, 2015
Find Your Center at Circle City's Best Yoga Studios

There may be no better place for the needs of the body and mind to intersect than inside an Indy yoga studio. After all, Indianapolis has long established itself as a place where pathways intersect, serving as the junction for six interstate highways and six U.S. highways—a fact that led the city to adopt the nickname “Crossroads of America”. It’s a metaphor that fits right in with the philosophies in many Indianapolis yoga studios, where students strengthen their bodies through gentle stretches and find inner peace—and respite from all that traffic—through quiet meditation and breathwork.

1. Yoga Monkey and Fitness

Broad Ripple

There are plenty of yoga styles to choose from here, including relaxing yin yoga, as well as hot yoga and hot vinyasa flow. Regardless of the style (or temperature) there’s always one consistent element—a focus on playfulness and being kind and patient, not only with the other students, but with yourself.

2. Santosha


At Santosha, yoga is just one part of a curriculum devoted to teaching students ways to live a natural, healthy life (Ayurvedic practices and bodywork therapy are included as well). Start your day with an early morning flow class, an ideal practice for beginners and anyone who wants to start the day feeling refreshed. Hot yoga and a faster-paced flow class are also held in the morning and again in the evening.

3. Breathe Yoga

Chatard - Forest Hills

There will never be more than 12 students in any class here, whether it’s Yoga 101, Rise and Shine yoga, or a power yoga class. The instructors like to guarantee personal instruction and assistance in order to empower each student who walks in the studio. No matter the style of yoga, each practice is about using the breath to help connect students to their body and free their minds.

4. Tree House Yoga


The only hot yoga studio in the downtown area, this studio keeps its temperature cranked to the 80s or 90s, depending on the class. It’s heated with a custom-designed system in order to make 90-degree-heat comfortably humidified and hot. In hot flow classes, students link breath and movement, relying on previous experience with alignment and Vinyasa-style sequencing. Beginners can start in the regular flow classes, where the heat is less intense, but still challenging.

5. The Yoga Studio

Broad Ripple

Ancient yoga traditions for breathing and meditation merge with modern takes at this studio, where every class is either hot or hot-ish. The signature hot vinyasa classes, for example, take place in a 95-degree room, where students are energized by loud, eclectic music and dynamic movement through poses. In the popular slow flow classes, which are set to softer music, the temp. also turns down (to about 90 degrees), so students can focus on building strength and flexibility at a more guided pace.

6. The Hot Room

Keystone at the Crossing

These 90-minute hot yoga classes are designed with beginners specifically in mind. As long as students brace themselves for the heat, there’s nothing else to worry about–all classes emphasize a non-competitive, compassionate atmosphere, where no one will be judged for sitting down and taking a quick break. It’s all about the effort and being patient (and willing to sweat).

7. Inner Peace Yoga


This non-profit yoga center is on a mission to help all people find balance and relieve stress through the practice of yoga. Classes range from beginner- to advanced-levels, and also include gentle stretching classes ideal for seniors or those recovering from an injury.

8. Hot Yoga Indy

College Park

Be prepared to sweat. All classes here follow the Bikram yoga sequence, which means a 26-posture series practiced for 90-minutes in a 105-degree room with 40% humidity. Thanks to the intense heat, muscles stay warm and achieve deeper stretches for enhanced flexibility and release of toxins.

9. Evolutions @ Yoga


Not everyone practices yoga for the same reason, and this studio recognizes and embraces that fact. Whether you’re trying to lose weight, ease stress, or tap into spirituality, a class here can help. The warm, welcoming studio offers vinyasa, prenatal yoga, core strength, and all-levels classes, among others.

10. Invoke Wellness Center Northwest Studio

St Vincent - Greenbriar

The sister studio to Invoke’s original downtown location, the Northwest studio continues its tradition of offering yoga and fitness classes alongside chiropractic and massage services. Beginners can ease in with Intro to Yoga workshops and basics classes, while more seasoned yogis can pick up the pace in heated or non-heated vinyasa flow classes for a heat-building, cardio sequence. The studio also offers a community class at a discounted rate.