10 Groomsmen Gifts That Are Actually Cool

Finding the right groomsmen gifts can be tricky. Cheesy gifts can feel insincere, sentimental gifts can feel stuffy, and pricey gifts are ... well, usually out of the budget. That leaves ... uh ... pens? Who doesn't love a good pen? Right? Guys?

But all is not lost! We set out to prove that there are groomsmen gifts out there that are fun, useful, and budget-friendly. So put down the pen and get ready to be inspired. Your friends will thank you. Really.


Personalized Growler

Sure, personalized flasks have become one of the top groomsmen gift ideas in recent years, but why follow the crowd? We like the growler alternative for a number of reasons: your groomsmen can take it to their favorite brewery or use it for a homebrew project, and it also looks pretty cool just sitting on the edge of a home bar.


Monogrammed Lighter

Okay, okay, we promise this isn't going to be a long list of personalized trinkets, but a classic lighter monogrammed with a last initial makes a great family heirloom.


Beard-Care Kit

Specialty beard-grooming products are something few dudes actually buy themselves, but once they feel how soft and supple their chin hairs are, they'll thank you for upping their facial-hair game.


Beer Tasting

No matter where your groomsmen live, it's likely there's a craft brewery near them they've been meaning to try. Gift them a tasting package for two and they can even bring a date along to enjoy the experience.


Cigar Flask

These days, everybody has a whiskey flask (or three) at the ready, but how many people have a flask that also holds cigars? If you're looking for cheap groomsmen gift ideas, this certainly fits the bill. Do your buddies a solid and pre-fill it with a few stogies. Or pretzel rods. Or Slim Jims.


Racing Experience

As much as they deserve it, you can't gift your pals a Lamborghini. But you can let them climb behind the wheel of an exotic racecar and take it for a few laps around the track. Most racing experiences come with options that allow customers to get behind the wheel or ride shotgun with an experienced instructor, so you can pick the package that best suits each groomsman's need for speed.


Bow-Tie Set

This gift is actually three gifts in one: a bow tie with matching pocket square and cufflinks! Dole out matching sets for your boys to wear on the big day, or pick out individual patterns for each guy based on his personality.


Laser Tag

Gifts are nice and all, but let's face it: sometimes what you need in the midst of wedding season is just an excuse to have fun and blow off some steam. Treat your groomsmen to a few rounds of laser tag, throw in some pizza and beer, and we'll bet no one will be missing "Best Groomsman" mugs you were originally thinking of going with.


Fitness Tracker

The brides and groom aren't the only ones shedding for the wedding. If your groomsmen have expressed concern about how they'll look in your wedding photos, dole out these chic fitness trackers to encourage them to set exercise goals. Even better: commit to a workout plan together, whether it's taking group runs in the morning, or just walking to the bar instead of driving.


Home Brew Kit

These days, it seems like everyone is getting into the home brew game and these handy kits have everything your groomsmen will need to brew their first batch of suds. The kits also come in different brewing styles, so you can find one for the friend who loves IPAs or the cousin who really, really doesn't.


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