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10 Adorable Halloween Costumes For Dogs

dog costumes

Sorry human children. You look cute in your Halloween costumes and all, but when it comes to playing dress up, no one stops the show better than our adorable fur-babies. Seriously, one look at the dog Halloween costumes on this list has us thinking we should just toss out the candy and hand out dog treats instead, since these are the neighborhood "kids" we'd really like to see on our doorstep. Of course, choosing the right costume can be tough, so if your little Rover hasn't decided what to dress up as, pick out one of these Halloween costumes for dogs and prepare to parade up and down the block with pride.


Bumble Bee

This is one bee we'd happily invite to any picnic.



Extra bonus points if you dress like Robin.



We'd be lion if we said this wasn't one of the cutest Halloween costumes for dogs we'd ever seen.


Darth Vader

"I find your lack of treats... disturbing."



You probably won't have any trouble picking your pooch out of the crowd in this ensemble, but just in case, make sure he's wearing his name tag.


Tin Man

Personally, we always thought Toto was miscast in that film.



This is one of those dog Halloween costume ideas that seems good until he starts digging holes around the backyard to make his escape.


Purple People Eater

"Sure looks strange adorable to me!"



We know this is the wrong holiday, but we just really love the idea of Santa sitting in your lap for once. Plus, you can let him help hand out treats to all the good ghouls and boys.

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