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Our Favorite Housewarming Gifts

BY: SHANNON GRILLI | 8.16.2017 |

Housewarming parties may just be some of our favorite parties. Not only do you get to take a tour of your pals' brand new digs, but you get to spend a casual evening with friends without all the pomp and circumstance that often accompanies birthdays, anniversary parties, or wedding showers. But even though big bundles of wrapped presents aren't a necessity at most housewarming parties, thoughtful housewarming gifts are always appreciated (and pretty much guarantee you a spot on future party guest-lists). Below, we gathered together 12 of our favorite housewarming gift ideas to ensure you never show up at the door empty-handed.

1. Custom door mat (starting at $24.99)

This gift is both personal and practical, since it preserves your friends' brand new floors, and also lets guests know they've come to the right place.

2. Soy candles (starting at $15)

These candles are safe for most allergy sufferers and look extra chic in re purposed mason jars.

3. Spiralizer ($18.99)

This unique tool quickly turns vegetables into fun noodles, and is, as we've reported, one of the trendiest kitchen gadgets around.

4. Personalized bottle opener ($29.99)

Fashionable and functional, it looks great in a kitchen or the den.

5. Air plant terrarium (from $19.99)

Air plants add a touch of green to any living space and are extremely easy to care for.

6. Fondue mugs ($16.99 for set of 2)

These mugs require only a tea light to keep melted cheese and chocolate ready for dipping.

7. Meal delivery service

A week of meal delivery will be a godsend for friends who were so busy moving they forgot to plan dinner.

8. Charging station (starting at $19.99)

This station ensures there's enough space for everybody's phones and tablets, and also prevents devices from overtaking the counter.

9. Canvas on Demand (starting at $29.99)

Turn your friends' favorite photo into stunning wall art with a personalized canvas print.

10. Wine

A nice bottle of wine is one of those housewarming gifts that never, ever, ever goes unappreciated. Consider stocking up on a few bottles, so you can just grab one on your way out the door.

11. Poo Pourri (starting at $8)

These odor-masking products are the unique housewarming gifts your friends will laugh at, but then secretly use all the time.

12. Flowers

When all else fails, a bouquet of flowers is a classic housewarming gift that never goes out of style.