We Got Five on It: L.A.’s Five Coolest Manicures

BY: Kelly MacDowell |Jul 15, 2015
We Got Five on It: L.A.’s Five Coolest Manicures

You’d be hard-pressed to find a more photogenic city than Los Angeles—not only is the landscape gorgeous, but so are the countless celebs inhabiting its hills. Some days, it seems there’s paparazzi snapping pics on every corner. On the off chance you end up photobombing Jon Hamm’s morning dog walk, it’s probably good to get your manicure on point at one of the many Los Angeles nail salons

We scrolled through the Instagram feeds of some of the best spas in Los Angeles to find inspiration for our next appointment. Behold five of the coolest manicures in town.

The Half-Moon Manicure

half moon mani

Manicure by Ten Ten Salon & Spa 

Thanks to leaving the half-moons unpolished, it won’t even be noticeable when this manicure starts to grow out. Bonus points for the rhinestones.

Sparkly Tips

sparkly tips mani

Manicure by Ten Ten Salon & Spa 

Another gorgeous use of gemstones. This bit of bling is a chic complement to the model’s midi rings. (Read more about how to rock knuckle rings.)

The Sort-Of French

french mani

Manicure by The Pedicure Lounge - Santa Monica 

What’s black, white, and fab all over? This two-tone manicure. Reminds us of these updated french manicures we test-drove.

Dodger-Blue Digits

dodger mani

Manicure by Atelier by Tiffany 

The nail techs of Atelier by Tiffany are known for their whimsical, mismatched nail art. But we love how Dodger blue—in throwback pinstripes, no less—unites these 10 summery designs.

Pastel Pop Art

pop art mani

Manicure by Atelier by Tiffany 

We’re not sure what the inspiration for this mani was, but it’s reminding us of a Lichtenstein-Warhol mashup. Adorable and suitable for all seasons.