Nail Salons in and near Los Angeles, CA

Finding the best nail salons in Los Angeles can feel like a nearly impossible task. After all, this is a town where people sport open-toed shoes and hit the beach year-round, so you can bet the mani-pedi competition is steep. The good news about that though, is that when it comes to finding a great nail salon, Los Angeles has excellent options in every neighborhood and at every price point. And who knows—you might even spot a celebrity seated in the pedicure throne next to you. Without further ado, here are our picks for the best nail salons in Los Angeles.

Krème de la Krème Nail Lounge

Location: Long Beach

If Marie Antoinette were alive and well in 2018 and living in Long Beach, she’d love getting her nails done at this adorable Victorian-chic spa, where customers enjoy free mini cupcakes and relax on chairs adorned in pretty damask fabrics. But while the decor may be retro, the looks the nail artists create are cutting edge. Looking for a glitter reverse French manicure? No problem. Houndstooth accent nails? You got it. How about some custom nail art in a nautical theme? Yep, they can do that too, and will gladly pour you a mimosa while they’re doing it. How can you go wrong?

A Guide to Popular Nail Shapes

Round or square tips aren’t your only choices anymore. Here are 7 popular nails shapes you should know about so you can ask for your favorite at your next manicure:


  • Coffin: long and tapered, but with flat, squared-off tips. Choose them if you want to mimic the celebs often seen wearing them.
  • Almond: Slim and tapered, but with a rounded point. Pick them if you want your fingers to look slimmer.
  • Stiletto: extremely long and tapered to a dramatic spike-like point. Choose these if you want to make a statement (and you never do dishes).
  • Oval: classic and soft. Choose them if you want to prevent breaks.
  • Square: Practical, flat edges that hold up against typing and other heavy use.
  • Squoval: A cross between square and oval. Choose them if you want the practical benefits of square nails, with a slightly softer look.
  • Round: Curved from edge to tip, but typically shorter than oval nails. These are the most durable of the bunch, so choose short, round nails if you work with your hands a lot.

Nails by Ally

Location: Anaheim


Clients often say that getting your nails done by Ally is like having your nails done by a close girl friend—if your friend was a nail artist with a perfectionist streak, that is. Here’s what else our customers had to say about their experience at Nails by Ally:


She's great. Knows what she's doing, takes her time with you. I got my gel mani and spa pedi. She keeps a good conversation. :) she was nice enough to break my mani and spa pedi into two days because I couldn't do it both in one day. Thanks Ally :) – Kathy S.


By far the best gel manicure I've ever had and Ally is so great. I felt like I was hanging out with my friend while getting pampered at the same time. Definitely going back! – Lori P.

I loved my mani/pedi with Ally. She is very personable and knowledgeable about caring for your hands and feet. I would highly recommend her services. The best I have had in a long time! – Kathe K.

Remedy Nails

Location: Burbank


Durable, perfect, and delivered with a smile. That’s exactly what you can expect out of your no-chip manicure with Robin at Remedy Nails. Clients often commend not just her winning personality, but also her mind-boggling precision with a polish brush AND the lifespan of her gel manis, which have been known to last upwards of three weeks without chips. Here are some of the other flattering things our customers had to say about Robin:


Robin is AMAZING! Not only was my mani/pedi perfect but she also gave me great advice about nail and cuticle health. Best Groupon ever!! – Tiffany D.


Robin is amazing at what she does! A sigh of relief as she is extremely knowledgable and understands what she is doing. Her product knowledge and clean approach is admirable. Great gel nail polish. Thorough manicure and pedicure—my feet have never felt so clean! Thank you, Robin, for this lovely experience and great chat! – Olivia A.


Most amazing person I've came across. Knows exactly what she is speaking about in regards to yours nails, very friendly and welcoming.I highly recommend her for all your needs for health nails. – Sonya O.

What Are 5-Free Polishes?


If you’re a regular at the manicure station, you may have heard the term “5-free” being thrown around in regards to nail polishes. The “5” in “5-free” refers to five potentially hazardous ingredients that are sometimes found in polishes:

  1. Dibutyl phthalate
  2. Toluene
  3. Formaldehyde
  4. Formaldehyde resin
  5. Camphor

When a polish is “5-free,” it means they are free of these hazardous ingredients. Brands such as Zoya, OPI Infinite Shine, Jin Soon, and Chanel all just a few of the more common 5-free polishes. Some brands take it even further and are 7- and 8- or 9-free, eliminating even more potentially harmful or irritating ingredients. These include Deborah Lippmann Gel Lab Pro (7-free), Smith and Cult (8-free), Butter London (8-free), and Londontown Lakur (9-free).