The Los Angeles massage industry is kept extremely busy working out the kinks caused by all the stress that the city's residents shoulder. Whether true or not, it often seems that L.A. residents work out more than those in just about every other city in the country. All this sweat and effort has to be counterbalanced with frequent therapeutic massages from the city's many licensed massage therapists.

Lucy of Lucy Yeh CMT Massage is one of the most popular massage therapists in Los Angeles. Phrases like "magic hands" and "fairy godmother" are consistently used to describe Lucy and her techniques. People who need massage for medical or psychological reasons are some of her biggest champions. She can do home visits or clients can travel to her studio in West Los Angeles. Massage is as much mental as it is physical, so Lucy works hard to help her clients remove the emotional knots as well as the physical ones. She greets her clients with a hug and a warm smile so that they are immediately put at ease. The fact that she really seems to care makes people come back again and again.

The Massage Therapy Center in West Los Angeles is another immensely popular Los Angeles massage therapy facility. It has received many awards, including the Most Prestigious Massage Center in the Country by Massage Magazine. Many Los Angeles spas can be big and bustling, but this facility has a cozier, more intimate feel. The strip mall exterior of the space belies its Zen-like interior. When clients arrive, they're given a tour of the facility so that they can get a good feel for the space. Many people start off with hot showers and eucalyptus steam baths before heading over to the massage rooms. This Los Angeles massage center is perfect for couples or singles.

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