Los Angeles is a fun city with a laid-back atmosphere. The city has an open-minded and health-conscious feel. Yoga is a favorite form of relaxation and exercise for many people in L.A. Residents have a choice of several scenic venues that offer yoga classes, many of them free of charge. Strengthening the body while taking in the natural beauty of the area lends a spiritual element to the daily workout.

Most people who have chosen Los Angeles as their home are aware of the special energy in the area. Tuning into the playful yet grounded atmosphere is an experience that is almost spiritual. Yoga increases flexibility of the mind as well as the body and is a perfect pairing with the sensibilities that many Californians live by.

There are several different types of yoga to choose from and many levels of expertise. With such a variety available, it is easy to try several different classes. Runyon Canyon Park in Hollywood Hills offers free yoga daily. Beautiful scenery provides an inspiring backdrop to the class, which offers a moderate workout suited to casual participants. This is regarded as one of the most popular yoga classes in Los Angeles.

For those who wish to combine their concern for the environment with their personal well being, Urth Yoga offers hatha yoga classes every day of the year. Their teachers are schooled in the Anusara method, and the facility is completely environmentally friendly. The classes are small, and there is plenty of room for yoga mats.

Liberation Yoga offers a variety of classes in their studio and garden. For a calming change of pace, try the candlelight session in the garden. Friendly instructors provide discrete correction as needed without calling attention to mistakes. Los Angeles yoga studios are easy to locate, but finding one that provides the perfect balance can be more difficult. Liberation Yoga is a good starting point.

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