With its close proximity to Hollywood, Los Angeles has a reputation as being a city where the stars shop, lunch and even get their haircuts. Some of the top Los Angeles hair salons cater mainly to celebrities, but those without a connection to the entertainment industry can also have their fair share of haircuts, manicures and other salon treatments offered by these salons.

While many people know Manic Panic as the name behind a line of beauty and hair care products, few people realize that the company is also behind a Los Angeles salon. The Manic Panic Salon in Highland Park has the same funky feel as its line of home products. With loud music, bright colors on the wall and talkative beauticians, this salon almost seems more like a tattoo parlor or a nightclub than a beauty salon.

Gamine has the kind of high-class atmosphere that some might expect from Los Angeles beauty salons. The inside of the shop, with white walls and floors, modern furnishings and minimalist accessories, resembles a four-star restaurant. By providing drinks, magazines and free treats, the workers show they believe in pampering any customer who walks through the door.

Despite looking bright and sunny in movies, Los Angeles also has its fair share of cloudy and rainy days. When these days show up, locals head for tanning salons to keep their tan looking good. The Tanning Club offers spray tans, which are safer than using a tanning booth. The technicians make the process as easy as possible, and most customers can get in and out of the salon in less than an hour. Aussie Tan also provides spray tans, but the shop provides tanning beds and tanning booths. These booths let customers get a realistic-looking bronze skin tone in just a few short visits.

Whether it's a simple haircut, a great tan or hair extensions, Los Angeles hair salons give locals the chance to get everything they want and watch for celebrities at the same time.

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