Life is sometimes stressful. Work, kids, traffic, etc. can all wear upon those with even the thickest skins. Many people spend their evenings and weekends thumbing through the getaway section in the newspaper or the travel channel fantasizing about somewhere tropical, warm, and relaxing. Long Beach spas are an easily accessible alternative to expensive vacation options. Each spa is like a little oasis within Long beach, and for just a day they can make anyone feel like a queen or king.

Mr. and Mrs. Day Spa in Long Beach, located on Ximena Avenue close to Long Beach Community Hospital, is a great spa for him or her or both together. This spa offers the full range of treatments: waxing, massage, facials, foot hydration, and full spa packages. For the best value, get the full spa package. Spa packages integrate the various treatments and one can mix and match according to specific needs. Mr. and Mrs. especially invites couples; there are special rooms to accommodate two people and there’s nothing more sensual and indulgent than experiencing a massage and salt scrub together.

For a very unique Long beach spa mini getaway adventure, check out the Queen Mary Spa treatment center. The Queen Mary is the legendary steam ship permanently parked in Long Beach harbor, and its luxury is a throwback to the golden age of travel. It’s a great way to leave home without leaving home. Come just for the day, or stay on board for a little getaway. This spa offers all the customary treatments: massage, facial, and waxing. Being the Queen Mary, one would only expect the most highly trained professionals on board.

A Long Beach massage and spa package is a way to escape without going too far from port in Long beach. For both him and her, Long Beach’s great spas are here to meet every need.

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