Long Beach is known for its relaxed Californian lifestyle and waterfront location, but that doesn't mean that residents don't care about keeping up their appearances. The sea air and constant sunshine can take a toll on hair and skin, and a visit to one of the many Long Beach hair salons can be an important part of regular beauty maintenance.

Many Long Beach residents take advantage of the city's beachfront location by spending time on the sand or in the water. When the salt water and exposure to the elements cause dry, damaged hair, the city's beauty salons are ready to help. At the Salon Pop & Barber Shop, the stylists are known for their ability to set customers at ease. They take time before each cut or color, talking to clients about their lifestyles and the amount of time they have for styling, and design a haircut that is easy to maintain. For people who are uncertain about recreating a look at home, the stylists will walk through the process and explain each step.

For people who have hair difficult to deal with, the stylists at Flaunt Salon are accustomed to handling all hair types. They are personable and welcoming and are adept at dealing with bad dye jobs or unflattering cuts. The salon decor is trendy without being intimidating, and for customers who are required to wait, the reception staff provides a glass of wine. Flaunt Salon also offers waxing and makeup services.

Although the weather in Long Beach is sunny year round, many residents prefer to do their tanning away from the beach. At Endless Summer Tanning, customers can bronze their skin using a tanning bed or a spray tan booth. The staff members are friendly and willing to explain the process, which makes the salon welcoming for people who are new to tanning.

Whether customers are looking for a spray tan or a new haircut, Long Beach hair salons and day spas offer an option for every budget.

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