Discover Your Ideal Pressure During a Saint Paul Massage

BY: GROUPON EDITORS | 2.23.2016 |

Discover Your Ideal Pressure During a Saint Paul Massage

It’s not surprising that Saint Paul massage therapy is in high demand in an area known for being one of the fittest in America. Whether you’re relieving aches and pains from exercising or looking to relax, many spas in Minneapolis and Saint Paul offer the massage you’re looking for—but before you hit the table, it’s good to consider how much pressure you’d prefer from the therapist.

Regardless of the massage style you choose, there are basically three possible types of pressure—light, medium, or firm. The following factors can help you communicate to your therapist what works for you:

Pain Tolerance

If you find yourself extremely sensitive to touch, request light pressure. Likewise, people who can tolerate rigorous pressure should choose firm to get the most out of the muscle manipulation. Always trust your body—if firm pressure feels too intense, ask the therapist to ease up.

Why Are You Here?

If your top priority is relaxation, then light or medium pressure is for you. If you want to work out knots, relieve concentrated tension, or pop the balloon animal you swallowed, then firm pressure may be required. If you're looking for a mix of outcomes, explain them in detail. A good massage is all about communication. Point out specific areas and desired results. For instance, you might say, "I want to loosen my back muscles but break up knots in my shoulders," both of which require a different amount of pressure.

Don't Sweat It

Massage therapy is designed to improve the body's overall function, whether by promoting relaxation or relieving aches and pains. So even if you choose a pressure level at the start of a massage, you're not locked into it—you can request lighter or firmer pressure at any point during treatment. Good massage therapists appreciate and respond to feedback, which helps them develop personalized sessions that feel good and fulfill your expectations.
BY: Groupon Editors