Five San Diego Carpet Cleaners You Can Trust

BY: Zach Bosteel |Jul 10, 2015
Five San Diego Carpet Cleaners You Can Trust

America is a well-carpeted nation—in fact, roughly 51% of home floors across the country feature some kind of carpeting. And judging by the number of San Diego carpet-cleaning services, this city might have the most fibers of them all. We’ve found five of the best cleaning services in San Diego, all of which offer timely service and undeniable results.

SoCal Steam Clean

These technicians specialize in difficult stain removal. They rely on an intensive 10-step process, only one of which actually involves steam-cleaning the carpets. The rest of the process includes inspections, spot treatments, and a deep grooming.

Accountable Carpet, Tile, and Upholstery Cleaning

With their industrial-strength, truck-mounted equipment, these techs have a penchant for dealing with messes left behind by young kids. Their four-step process includes a post-treatment spot check, and they’ve been known get down on hands and knees to scrub out a stain. After all, nothing beats some good old-fashioned elbow grease.

Same Day Restoration and Cleaning

Same Day’s team uses the same truck-mounted setup as many other cleaners, but their extensive experience with the machines has led to great skill. They pride themselves on extremely fast turnaround times, going so far as to include that promise in the name of their business.

Monster Steamer

Ludo, Eric, and other members of this crew get regular callouts for their combination of efficiency and customer service. As stated on their website, they recognize customers’ homes as personal sanctuaries and go out of their way to protect walls and furniture as they work on floors.

Imperial Carpet Care

The techs at Imperial put a lot of care into each job. They report that the most enjoyable part of their work is “seeing how items come back to life and brighten.” Even better, they perform this magic with eco-friendly (and pet- and child-friendly) products.