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9 Self Care Ideas to Inspire You to Take Care of You

If you’ve ever wondered what is self care, it’s a little bit like following the safety instructions on an airplane: put your own air mask on first before assisting others. Or, more clearly: it’s easier to take care of others if you make sure you’re taking care of yourself. It’s important to be there for your loved ones, but if you run yourself ragged doing it while ignoring your own needs, you won’t be much help to anyone. That’s why these self care ideas are a little more all-encompassing than what you might be used to.

We definitely think it’s important to treat yourself once in a while (just check out the last few ideas on this list!), but self care is about more than that. It’s about making time to be healthy, find a little peace, and take care of what needs doing. Check out our list of nine self care ideas and activities to get inspired.


Because sometimes self care activities mean getting the job done.


Meal Kits

Takeout is great, but learning how to cook a healthy meal at home is going to help you more in the long run. Meal kits take out the stress of shopping, while helping you practice your skills in the kitchen. Remember to save your favorite recipes!



A clean home is a happy home, but don’t feel bad if you need a little help. Check out our guide to see how long to book house cleaners for.


Home Organizers

Been going Marie Kondo crazy? Make sure your remaining joy-sparking items are all in their proper spaces.


Once your basic to-dos are out of the way, create moments of stillness to help clear your head.


Yoga Classes

Avoid intense classes like 90-minute hot yoga sessions and instead try more relaxing types of yoga like Vinyasa or Kundalini classes.


Meditation Classes

Meditation is all about clearing your mind, and we promise, you don’t have to be a guru to do it.



Aromatherapy uses essentials oils, whose aromas are said to help with relaxation, better sleep, and even boosting one’s mood.


Self care is all about balance, which means of course there’s room to treat yourself, too!


Weekend Getaway

Getting away can be tough, but sometimes it’s downright essential! Take yourself somewhere warm and sunny and just breathe.


Wine Delivery

Uncorking a bottle of your favorite red or trying a white you’ve never seen before is something small and simple that can be all about you.



It’s a classic for a reason. Sometimes you just need to close your eyes and let someone else work out all your kinks.

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