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Skin Exfoliation – Our Best Tools and Treatments

Oct 25, 2018

Need to get that glow back?. Read on for our favorite exfoliating treatments and tools that will keep your tired skin looking fresh and dewy as spring.

Cold, dry air—whether from winter weather or summer air conditioning—can wreak havoc on your skin. The best remedy for ashy, parched epidermis is a skin exfoliation treatment to scrub away the dead stuff and bring forth the fresh, new skin beneath. Here are our favorite treatments and tools to renew your skin.


During a microdermabrasion treatment, a minimally abrasive instrument—typically using microparticles or a diamond-tipped wand—gently buffs facial skin, removing the topmost layer, and revealing fresher, smoother skin beneath.

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Body Scrub

The whole body gets polished with a vigorous exfoliating scrub, often with sugar, salt, or another abrasive element, in this luxe spa treatment.

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Chemical Peels

Like microdermabrasion, chemical peels resurface facial skin, but instead use chemicals instead of abrasives to remove the top layer of dead skin.

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Pumice Stones

Made from porous material, such as lava rock, these stones scrub away dead skin and are especially effective on feet and elbows.

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Exfoliating Gloves & Loofahs

Use them dry before the shower or in the shower to slough off dead skin.

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From electronic brushes for the face, to body exfoliating brushes (best used dry), these vigorously buff away dead skin cells and improve circulation.

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Face and Foot Masks

Masks penetrate the top layer of skin to effectively loosen or dissolve it so it's easily washed away. For oily facial skin, try a charcoal mask. Ashy feet get smooth with foot peels.

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Microdermabrasion Tools

Not only do these tools gently scrub away dead skin, but many of them come with a suction feature to help remove blackheads. (Psst! We tried one!)

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