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A Spa Gift Guide for All the Ones You Love

BY: Amanda Parker | Jan 30, 2017

A Relaxation-Focused Valentine's Day Gift Guide | Hero

Traditionally, Valentine’s Day presents a chance to celebrate romance, with partners showering each other with flowers and strangers showering each other with Cupid’s arrows. But where’s the fun in sticking to tradition? This year, we’re dropping all limitations on love and welcoming a more expansive and experiential take on the holiday, especially when it comes to pampering. Why should rose petals and fluffy robes be reserved for romantic partners?

Below, check out our spa-centric Valentine’s Day gift guide to see who you could be buying for this V-Day, along with some relaxing, beautifying experiences to show them you care.

1. The man’s man.

A reflexology foot massage

His excessive manliness apparently precludes a trip to the spa.

You know the type: the idea of getting a professional massage causes him visible discomfort, to say nothing of being naked—even under a sheet—around a stranger. This is, of course, why you should buy him (whether he’s your boyfriend, brother, or friend) a reflexology foot massage. It won’t require him to disrobe, and it'll warm him up to the idea of manual manipulation as a way to destress by starting with the feet, which coincidentally ensures that he can’t run away.

2. Your newly single bestie.

A kickboxing class

Time to step up or step down as their best friend.

Especially if their recent breakup was unexpected, your best friend needs you now more than ever, and a typical Galentine’s Day might be out of place. Instead, signing up for a kickboxing class together can give them a healthy outlet for any pent-up frustration or anger; otherwise, booking a hotel spa day for the two of you à la Lifestyles of the Rich and Famous can be a lovely distraction from a broken heart.

3. The endlessly selfless mother.


She’s hardworking and an all-around champ.

Even if she’s not your own mom, we bet you know a particularly selfless and giving mother or mother figure. Give a little back to her this Valentine’s Day with an appointment for microdermabrasion, which addresses age spots, sun spots, and generally dull skin more effectively than most facials. This will allow her to refocus some much-needed attention on herself and maybe even convince her to schedule more “me time” in the future.

4. The spa-loving significant other.

Flotation therapy

If you think you’ve got this one in the bag, think again.

Coming up with Valentine’s Day gift ideas for spa-loving folk is a deceptively simple task. On the one hand, they might love every type of spa service available; on the other, having tried them all, they might be extremely picky about which they prefer. We suggest throwing a bit of a curve ball with something like flotation therapy, which can open their eyes to an entirely new way to relax.

5. The single grandparent.


We should all be thanking them for making 80 look like the new 30.

For grandparents, nothing says single—and maybe ready to mingle—like sporting an updated hairstyle. Gift grandpas a sharp-looking haircut and a traditional shave. Treat grandmas to a new hairstyle and, if they’re game, some fresh color.

6. Dads.

Infrared-sauna sessions

We thought about qualifying that, but every type of dad is hard to buy for.

From the tech aficionados to the history buffs, fathers are notoriously difficult to buy for. To skirt around the problems you might face in buying him a hobby-relevant gift, we recommend purchasing Dad one or more infrared-sauna sessions. This treatment has both an old-school and new-age appeal—a unique mix we deem sufficiently quirky for the tastes and preferences of dads.

7. The coworker you chat with every day.

A mani-pedi

You won’t work together forever, so solidify the friendship now.

If you have a “best friend at work” but the friendship hasn’t extended outside the office, make some time around Valentine’s Day to get your nails done with your coworker. Establishing the friendship outside of work means it stands a better chance of surviving if one of you leaves your job permanently, plus it’s a nice way to relax and tell each other how you really feel about everyone in the office.

8. The sibling you want to be closer with.

A yoga class

It’s quite likely they already know you better than anyone else does.

You and your sibling have survived the bickering of childhood and seen each other go through the intensely awkward teenage years, and you’ve managed to still be on speaking terms as adults. Use Valentine’s Day to reinforce this unique friendship by signing up for a yoga or Pilates class together. Both of you might be humbled by the initial challenges, but if you can stick it out together, you’ll help each other toward health and wellness while strengthening your relationship.

9. Your teenage son or daughter.

A facial

If they roll their eyes and scoff, you can always just use the experience yourself.

Problems like acne and clogged pores usually kick in during teen years, which makes this the perfect time to acquaint your son or daughter with proper skincare. So consider buying them a clarifying facial. Just make sure it includes a proper skin consultation, which ensures the treatment takes into account their age and evolving skin type.

10. Your husband or wife.

A couples massage

If you’re married, don’t forget about your other half.

Out of all the Valentine’s Day gift ideas possible, this might sound like a cop-out, but we really do recommend couples massages for spouses. Beyond the mutual relaxation and depending on the spa, the various add-ons (such as champagne and intimate dips in a private bath) are enough to make someone feel special. If you’ve never had one before, check out our guide to planning your couples massage the right way.