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A Spring Cleaning Checklist of Chores to Leave for the Pros

BY: Sarah Gorr | Mar 1, 2017

There's something rejuvenating about spring cleaning. While pressure and expectations build around the cleaning we do before the holidays, a good spring cleaning can be freeing because it's just for us. But that doesn't mean it's an easy job, so there's no shame in calling in the pros for some help. With our spring-cleaning checklist, we've highlighted the six services where hiring some help won't just save you time, but it'll also ensure a job well done.

Gutter Cleaning

Why it's necessary: If you've ever peered inside one after the end of a long winter, you don't even need to ask. Months of rain or snow turn whatever leaves drifted into them into a thick sludge that can keep gutters from draining properly.

Why a pro should do it: Aside from avoiding contact with a goopy mess (yuck), pros handle the risks of climbing up a ladder, which is especially helpful with multistory homes.

Power Washing

Why it's necessary: You can't easily wipe away the grime that builds up on outdoor decks, patio furniture, fencing, or siding. The high pressure of a power washer can cut through that layer of grit, even with porous materials like natural wood.

Why a pro should do it: Most people don't own a power washer, which can make renting one unwieldy or even dangerous. The pressure on many machines is not only high enough to potentially damage your property, it can even cut through skin.

Landscaping and Lawn Care

Why it's necessary: If your area sees snowfall, leftover pockets of powder can actually smother the grass trying to grow each spring. Similarly, leaves left on the ground can be heavy and even moldy, which also makes it hard for fresh grass to grow.

Why a pro should do it: Spring lawn care can involve a lot more than a little fertilizer or some mowing. Taking on tasks like aeration, dethatching, and soil testing on your own can get pricey as well as time consuming, turning an afternoon chore into an all-day affair that derails your cleaning schedule.

Window Washing

Why it's necessary: This is an easy one: finger smudges, dust, smears, and outdoor grit cloudy up the view and if left too long, can even risk damaging the glass itself. It's also not much good to clean up the rest of your home only to look out the window and be greeted by a dirty view.

Why a pro should do it: Even if you have a regular cleaning service, many of them don't do windows, so the burden is left to you. It's also difficult to achieve a streak-free shine, meaning hours of work can still leave you with streaky, smudgy windows.

Junk Removal

Why it's necessary: All your hard work cleaning up can only really shine once the clutter is eliminated, and that means tossing broken items while donating the rest.

Why a pro should do it: Many junk-removal companies will not only sort through your stuff to separate the recyclables from the trash, they'll also donate the items that still work, but aren't needed. This saves you time from sorting as well as the hassle of multiple trips to recycling or donation centers.

AC Tune-Up

Why it's necessary: Air-conditioning units make up as much as 50–70% of your electric bill and units that aren't working properly can drive up costs. It's best to get this done in the springtime, before your need for cool air is essential.

Why a pro should do it: Most homeowners simply aren't equipped to perform this kind of maintenance on their own. Experts will check all the fans and belts, see that the coils are clean, and clean or replace the filters.

Grout Cleaning

Why it's necessary: Dirty grout can be a breeding ground for mold, which is especially problematic in bathrooms, where the constant spray of water makes it hard to keep clean.

Why a pro should do it: Painstakingly scrubbing grout lines with a toothbrush can be a multiday effort depending on how much tile you have. Pros can come in and get the job done in a day, leaving you free to work on other projects around the house or maybe just finally put up those feet for a minute.