Who Bought a Clip-In Man Bun? The Top 10 Cities, Exposed

BY: Ashley Hamer |Nov 16, 2015

The instant clip-in man bun went viral this week, commanding everything from panicked headlines (“Buy Them and Burn Them All,” Complex demanded) to Salon thinkpieces. As of this writing, more than 10,000 part-time hipsters have purchased one.

That got us wondering: the product’s temporary nature lets you be a hipster for just a day, so would there be more purchases in a typical hipster city, or in one where man buns are less prevalent? We crunched the numbers, and ranked the top 10 cities by number of instant man buns purchased. The results may surprise you.

manbun infograph 02 01  2  jpg

#10: Denver, CO

Denver has roughly as many microbreweries as it does hunting stores, so anything that lets residents seamlessly move from hipster to outdoorsman and back again is a good thing.

#9: Dallas, TX

A clip-in man bun in a true-blue Texas town makes a sort of sense. You’d never sport one in a honky-tonk like Billy Bob’s, but it might come in handy in an Oak Lawn art gallery.

#8: Houston, TX

When you live in a city named one of the 10 least hipster cities in the country, we suppose an accessory that lets you be an undercover hipster is essential.

#7: Austin, TX

We get it, Austin. We get it.

#6: San Diego, CA

Clip yours in to visit the city’s many microbreweries, keep it in for the North Park Farmer’s Market.

#5: San Francisco, CA

The male topknot is in full force in San Francisco, announces Racked. The clip-in version just took it to another level (you’re welcome).

#4: Los Angeles, CA

Los Angeles is where Jared Leto lives. Did Jared Leto buy a clip-in man bun to supplement his real-life man bun? We’re not saying no.

#3: Seattle, WA

We’re talking about a place where you can see grizzled fishermen at Pike Place Market right after glimpsing fixed-gear cyclists sipping espresso at Dutch Bike Co. No surprise here.

#2: New York, NY

As old Blue Eyes once said, if you can man bun here, you can man bun anywhere.

#1: Chicago, IL

Rumors that Groupon’s Chicago office now requires all employees to wear a clip-in man bun are patently false.  

Bonus: The Top 2 States

Because it so perfectly encapsulates the man-bun’s nondenominational appeal, it’s worth noting what happens when you break down the purchases by state rather than city. California had the most purchases in the nation. The second most? Texas. It just goes to show that the man bun knows no politics, nor accent, nor region. It is truly the men’s hairpiece that can bring us all together.