Everything You Need to Know About Buying Groupon Getaways

BY: jolene |Jan 30, 2020

If April showers bring May flowers, what do May flowers bring? Fun answer: Pilgrims! Even more fun answer: vacation season! That’s right, we are quickly approaching that time of year when the weather is getting warmer and the kids are going to be out of school soon. Which means I’m spending more and more time dreaming of a summer vacay. That’s also why I find myself taking more breaks at work to scroll through the offerings on Groupon Getaways—the place to go to find a good deal on a vacation.

Getaways has trips for every kind of vacationer, from beachy and family-friendly to far-flung and exotic. There are also trips for every kind of vacation planner: want an entire vacation with airfare and accommodations included? You can book that in just a few clicks. Would you rather book a rental car or a hotel in a cool place and figure out the details later? That’s also an option.

But you can’t just go around buying vacations online willy-nilly. There are lots of moving parts to a vacation, plus trips are expensive. So you’ve got to know what you’re getting. Here’s a travel guide of sorts. Its title: everything you need to know about booking with Groupon Getaways.

How Do I Find a Deal on Groupon Getaways?

Groupon works with travel agencies, hotels, and tour providers all around the world to get good deals on travel to anywhere. But that means there are a lot of choices. The easiest way to search is by destination or type of vacation. If that’s still too much, check out the list of top destinations to see the places other people are enjoying.

I Know Where I Want to Go, But What is Included in the Price?

That’s different for every trip, but there are some guidelines for what isand isn’t generally included. Reading the whole deal is really important. The sections you need to pay especial attention to are:Groupon Getaways What to Know FAQ 1 1. The Getaways Report: See what makes a place unique and get a general outline for the trip. If you’re looking at a vacation package, this is where the flight and hotel info will be.

2. Fine Print & Details: All the nitty-gritty details you need to know. Definitely read it. If there are any additional taxes or fees, it WILL be listed here.

3. What You Get: The Cliff Notes version of the deal—you'll get a very good idea of what is included and what you'll be responsible for on your own. 

4. Know Before You Go: Do you need a passport? What about an entry or exit visa? Those questions and any other biggies will be answered here.

5. Book By Date: Every vacation package has one. Make sure you have contacted the travel agency and figured out your plans by this date. If you don’t, the deal might expire and you won’t get the full value.

6. Frequently Asked Questions: Specific details for the trip you’re looking at. Want to know if you need a Groupon for kids? This is where you’ll look. Not close to one of the airports mentioned in the deal? Get the contact information to find out how much it will cost to fly from your neck of the woods.

I Bought a Groupon Getaways Deal, Is My Vacation Booked?

If you booked a hotel room using the calendar feature, then yes! Give yourself a high-five for your own efficiency! If you bought at a vacation package, then no. You need to contact the travel partner listed on the Groupon voucher to make the final arrangements. This will include actual airline tickets, hotel reservations, and any tours. The travel partners can also help add days, upgrades, or excursions to any package.

What if The Dates I Want Aren’t Available?

Good question! It’s your vacation, so you should go when you want to. Groupon offers a FULL REFUND if the date you want to travel is not available.

I'm Traveling with a Partner/Friend? Do We Have to Buy Two Groupons?

Every trip is different, but most likely, yes. Nearly all Groupon Getaways are for just one person, although the cost is based on double occupancy. Meaning Groupon and its travel partners expect that you will be traveling with someone else and have accounted for shared hotel rooms and rental cars. Look for the language below in the deal title to know for sure.

Does it Cost More to Travel Alone

The overwhelming majority of trips have an additional fee for traveling alone, and that fee will be listed in the fine print. (See I told you it was important to read that section.) Individual hotel deals and car rentals are the exceptions.

Is it Worth It?

It definitely can be! Groupon Getaways takes a lot of stress out of finding and planning fun vacations far from home. If you aren’t convinced, contact the travel partner or hotels before buying to make sure all of your questions are answered.







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