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Amp Up At-Home Workouts with Bowflex Savings

Bowflex At Home Gym Equipment

Working out at home versus in a gym is a great way to save time and money. The monthly fees can add up, especially if you don't tend to hit the gym all that often. Plus it's a lot easier to squeeze in a quick sweat session when you don't have to actually go to the gym. But the advantage of a gym is the variety and quality of equipment. It would be too expensive to re-create an entire gym at home, which is why Groupon Coupons teamed up with Bowflex to find out what equipment you need to have in a home gym and what you can skip.

At-Home Gym Equipment, Bowflex Jump Rope

Jump rope

Small, lightweight, and easy to store, the jump rope is perfect for an at-home gym. Plus it's effective: one study found that jumping rope for 10 minutes is the cardio equivalent of a 30-minute jog. This Bowflex jump rope is adjustable in length and has removable weights in the handle so users can adjust the degree of difficulty.

At-Home Gym Equipment, Yoga Mat

Yoga Mat

A thick, cushioned yoga mat makes so many exercises more comfortable. At 5mm, this Bowflex yoga mat is slightly slightly thicker than a traditional mat, which is easier on the joints when you're doing bodyweight exercises like pushups and crunches. It's also machine-washable to help keep your home from smelling like a gym.


At-Home Gym Equipment, Bowflex Max Trainer M6

Black Friday in July Sale, Bowflex

Max Trainer M6

The Max Trainer is 2 cardio machines in 1—you get the low-impact motion of an elliptical and the calorie-torching motion of a step machine. The unique workout is designed to give maximum full-body benefits in sessions as short as 4 minutes. Plus the smart Max Intelligence app learns your fitness level and goals to customize workouts that meet your individual needs.

At-Home Gym Equipment, Resistance Bands

Resistance Bands

Just like a jump rope, latex resistance bands are lightweight, portable, and perfect for an at-home gym. Adding one to squats and bridges engages the glutes for more muscle tone. On its website, Bowflex offers a 5-minute resistance band workout designed to sculpt long, lean arms. This set comes with 5 bands with varying degrees of resistance.

At-Home Gym Equipment, Bowflex Medicine Ball

Medicine Ball

Did you know that medicine balls have been used in fitness routines for more than 3,000 years? The round shape is more difficult to grip than traditional dumbbells, which adds a functional fitness element to your workouts by engaging more core muscles. It can also inject heart-pumping cardio into ab and upper body exercises.


At-Home Gym Equipment, Bowflex HVT

Bowflex HVT

HVT stands for Hybrid Velocity Training, Bowflex's unique machine that combines cardio and strength training for a total body workout in about 18–20 minutes. Using the free HVT training app, you'll have access to trainer-led workouts and personal coaching that alternate short bursts of cardio with dynamic movements to burn fat and build muscle simultaneously.

At-Home Gym Equipment, Bowflex Adjustable Dumbbells


Bowflex's SelectTech 552 dumbbells is 15 sets of weights in 1. Just turn the dial to have dumbbells weighing 5 pounds or 52.5. They are versatile enough for every member of the family and any type of routine. Shooting for long, lean muscles? Use lighter weights at higher rep counts. Want to build bulk? Opt for the heaviest weights you can lift.

At-Home Gym Equipment, Bowflex Ankle Weights

Ankle Weights

When it comes to fitness, every little bit helps. These adjustable wrist and ankle weights add that extra oomph while walking or jogging to up calorie burn and build stronger muscles. Each cuff has four weights weighing 0.5 pounds each, so you can adjust the weight up to 2 pounds, which likely won't seem like much to you, but can improve your results.


At-Home Gym Equipment, Bowflex LateralX


The back and forth motion of traditional elliptical machines improve heart health but not much else. Bowflex's LateralX machine was designed with side to side movement as well, adding functional fitness to a standard cardio workout. The push, pull, and squat movements activate more muscles to improve the way you move and burn up to 39% more calories than a standard elliptical.

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