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How To Write The Perfect Love Letter

Sometimes flowers and a mix tape won't cut it. You need to tell your love, partner, S/O, or whatever name you want to use that you love them in your own words. And sometimes, you need the perfect combination to make your words come to life. Here's how to write the perfect love letter: 1) Use actual paper. Do not send in an email that they may accidentally delete. 2) Do not use a cheesy quote. This gift is already cheesy enough, and quotes are so 2018. Literally just write from the heart. It doesn't have to rhyme, Art. 3) Find the right pens or toner. This is your choice. If you don't have the legible handwriting, we know a place where you get toner. If you have handwriting for the Gods, then get write on your perfect paper from step one.

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How To Write The Perfect Love Letter

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