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With a sweet tooth and a coupon, shoppers can scoop armfuls of virtually any confection they can imagine.'s colorful catalog is like a bat signal to serious sugar enthusiasts, inviting them to order in bulk, track down novelty candies, and customize sweets with messages. Sweet seekers can find treats by color, by style, or by brand—the selection includes labels such as Ghirardelli and Pez, as well as smaller brands. Many a party favor and corporate giveaway has its origins in, and neighbors gunning to be trick-or-treaters' favorite can while away hours mining the specialty aisles. Classic or new, liquor-filled or organic, with coupons, the morsels find the taste buds they’re destined for with help from the site’s hungry clickers.

You could say cousins Greg Balestrieri and Joe Melville have sugar in their blood—the entrepreneurial duo represents their family’s third generation of sweets slingers. In founding, they tasked themselves with a noble gastro goal: spotlight smaller brands and mainstream labels equally. Showcasing independent candies with the same zeal as they do mainstream ones, Greg and Joe have curated a democratic treat boutique whose 6,000 toothsome snacks match an array of tastes, occasions, and even memories. Bites don’t just vary by brand. Natural, organic, Kosher, sugar-free, and gluten-free departments comprise the collection as well, and a line of imaginary lollipops satisfies with zero calories.

A promo code can go toward more than the boutique’s 6,000-plus sweets. It can also dissolve the price of more than 6,000 candy-making and baking supplies. But alchemizing their own bonbons isn’t the only way customers personalize their eating experiences—they can also emblazon custom messages on many candies. Or, they make the palatable personal by having their nostalgia do the shopping. Many favorites from childhood, thought lost to the passage of time or swept away in the celery blizzards of ’08, are likely lurking in the aisles. coupons welcome shoppers into a wonderland of sweet snacks. In culling from thousands of confections, promo code holders can celebrate old memories, make new ones, and chow down on colorful favorites both novel and familiar.

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