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    Free Movie Tickets + Deals From Fandango

    Click here to find up-to-date discounts and special offers from Fandango, which might include free movie tickets, gift cards, and movie-themed gifts. Visit the Fandango website to sign up. No promo code required.

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    Fandango March 2018 Coupons, Deals & Promos

    Head to the movies this winter with deals from Fandango and Groupon! Click here to see all the current and best coupons, promo codes, deals, and offers!

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    20% Off FandangoNow | Streaming & Downloads

    Get 20% off your first movie or TV show with FandangoNow! Starting at $1.99, download or stream over 50,000 movies and TV shows! No subscription required! Or use this code and get 20% off any 4K stream or download! Click to learn more.

    Expires 04/15/2018 CDT
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    How To Get 15% Off

    We were just as shocked as you are. We were like, "Wait a minute... You're telling us that literally all we have to do to get 15% off gift cards is just give you our email address? You know those things are super free and anyone can sign up for, like, a hundred email addresses, right?"<br/><br/>Not only do they know... they don't even CARE! So, yeah! Click here to sign up for email to get 15% off + free screenings & Fandango promo codes. <br/><br/><b>Be sure to check your email. It may take up to 48 hours to receive your personalized code.</b>

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    Fandango Family Offers & Promos

    Get the latest promos, codes, and sales for family-friendly movies from Fandango!

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    Please See "I Can Only Imagine"

    This true story follows the life of Bart Millard, lead singer of the Christian band MercyMe, who loses his father to cancer and inspires him to write the mega-hit song [SPOILER ALERT] "I Can Only Imagine."

    Expires 04/16/2018 CDT
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    Save On Movies Opening This Week

    See what movies are opening this week right here. And while you're at it, sign up for VIP rewards to get big discounts!

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    Get Tickets To Pacific Rim: Uprising

    Rebellious pilot Jake Pentecost and his estranged sister must lead a brave new generation of fighters against otherworldly monsters that want to destroy humanity.

    Expires 04/16/2018 CDT
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    Exclusive Discounts With Free Email Sign-Up

    Sign up for FanMail to get the latest and best offers and promo codes from Fandango! Just click through, scroll down, enter your email address, and click "submit." It's that easy!

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    SEE IT AGAIN: Black Panther + Free Movie Poster

    Watch Black Panther leap into action when his country and world are threatened with tickets from Fandango! And get a free exclusive Black Panther movie poster with a ticket purchase while supplies last!

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    SEE IT AGAIN: Game Night

    With an 88% on Rotten Tomatoes, Game Night's racking up acclaim like Killmonger racks up kills. And speaking of kills, this ol' boy's sure to be straight FILLED with 'em! Listen, we're not legally allowed to guarantee anything, but we're just about 99.99% sure you're going to screech with gurgling laughter when you watch Game Night. Hey! Why not make every night a Game Night (please watch this film in theaters every single night if you can).

    Expires 03/23/2018 CDT
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    EDITOR'S CHOICE: Love, Simon [88% Fresh]

    A gay teen doesn't know the identity of the anonymous classmate that he's fallen for online. Though the particulars may change, "Love, Simon" is a love story as old as time, complete with openly gay teenagers, computers, and the digital veil of anonymity. Shakespeare could have written it 400 years ago! Get your Love, Simon tickets at Fandango today.

    Expires 04/16/2018 CDT
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    See All Movies

    They said it couldn't be done. They said it SHOULDN'T be done! But here we are. It's EVERY SINGLE NEW MOVIE Fandango's got to offer, and they're all right here. Click here to SEE ALL MOVIES!

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    Tickets To Death Wish (2018)

    97% on Rotton Tomatoes? Not even close. But who cares! It's DEATH WISH & BRUCE WILLIS!! Oh, WHAT!? And Eli Roth directed it. You owe it to yourself to witness this nonsensical spectacle first hand!

    Expires 03/30/2018 CDT
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    Get Tickets To Every Day

    What would you do to find the one you love? What if it was a different person every day? That'd be pretty wild, right? If you answered "yes" then you're in for a treat because this movie's seriously that EXACT concept! <b>Every Day Plot</b> Every Day tells the story of Rhiannon (Angourie Rice), a 16-year old girl who falls in love with a mysterious soul named “A” who inhabits a different body every day. Feeling an unmatched connection, Rhiannon and A work each day to find each other, not knowing what or who the next day will bring. The more the two fall in love, the more the realities of loving someone who is a different person every 24 hours takes a toll, leaving Rhiannon and “A” to face the hardest decision either has ever had to make. Also, who knows... maybe there's a villain who gets wise to this whole situation and pretends to be "A." That would certainly make things interesting! Only one way to find out.

    Expires 03/30/2018 CDT
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    Oh Boy, Folks: It's Sherlock Gnomes

    One look at the title, and you pretty much know how they came up with it. But whatever... it's fun! And dollars to donuts your kids are gonna love it. So what're you waiting for? Take a deep breath, mutter "Ugh, why not?" and get your Sherlock Gnome tickets from Fandango today.

    Expires 04/22/2018 CDT
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    Unsane Looks SOOO Good [81% Fresh]

    When a young [SPOILER] is involuntarily committed to a mental institution, she is confronted by her greatest fear: old DVD copies of The Mighty Ducks and worn paperbacks. But is it real or is it a product of her delusion? Buy Unsane tickets on Fandango to find out!

    Expires 04/22/2018 CDT
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    Avengers: Infinity War | Now With More Guardians!

    Oh boy... Looks like the Avenger crew is at it again. They just can't seem to help themselves when it comes to warrin'. Well, it's like the old saying goes, "Avengers never saw a war they didn't wage." Lucky for us, we get to see the whole thing! Watch the Avengers: Infinity War trailer today, and get pre-order tickets before anyone else.

    Expires 05/28/2018 CDT
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    Collectible Movie Gift Cards + FREEBIES

    Shop gift cards on Fandango and give the gift of a fun night at the movies and get freebies such as credit to Olive Garden, free personalization, and more!

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    Get Thoroughbred Tickets [FRESH ALERT: 85%]

    See the movie some dude called "Heathers meets American Psycho." And get a free T-shirt when you buy tickets through Fandango.

    Expires 04/09/2018 CDT
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    2018 Movie Preview | Watch The Trailer, Get The Tix

    Gear up for the biggest year in CINEMA HISTORY! No bozos, no clowns, and aboslutely no humdingers... wait a dang minute! It's nothing BUT humdingers! We completely biffed that and we'll never stop apologizing. Check out some of the most hotly anticipated films of 2018 like Avengers: Infinity War, The Cloverfield Paradox, and a bunch of other junk right here. And while you're at it, snag yourself some sweet tix!

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    50 Shades Freed

    Watch trailers to the third installment of the 50 Shades franchise and get your tickets early!

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    Tickets For Paul, Apostle Of Christ

    PAUL, APOSTLE OF CHRIST is the story of two [SPOILER]. Luke, as a friend and physician, risks his [SPOILER] when he ventures into the city of Rome to visit Paul—played by TV's Jesus Christ—who is held captive in Nero’s darkest, bleakest [SPOILER].

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    See Tomb Raider + Free Movie Poster

    Watch Lara Croft as she blazes a trail of sweet, sweet glory across a mysterious island. And relive the fun with your very own full-sized movie poster, completely free of charge! Get all that and more with these tickets from fandango.

    Expires 04/16/2018 CDT
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    Hot Tip: Get Exclusive Fandango Deals

    Get special Fandango promotions by providing your mobile number. You'll get special text-exclusive discounts and offers delivered straight to your phone.

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    Stream Every Single Star Wars Film | FandangoNOW

    Before you see Star Wars: The Last Jedi, catch up on older Star Wars titles by renting or buying from FandangoNOW and watch in the comfort of your own home on your TV, smartphone, computer, or tablet!

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    See The Strangers: Prey At Night

    Get it!? PREY at night! Oh, this is gonna be a terror fest! We sure do hope you've got a second pair of pants, because you're guaranteed to be SO COMPLETELY SHOCKED that there's no telling what you'll do. We know what you WON'T do though... NOT DUMP YOUR PANTS! A family’s road trip takes a dangerous turn when they arrive at a secluded mobile home park to stay with some relatives and find it mysteriously deserted. See it all right here with Fandango tickets.

    Expires 04/08/2018 CDT
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    FREE Fandango VIP Membership | Limited Time Offer

    Earn rewards and take advantage of great perks when you join Fandango's VIP program. It's free and only takes a minute!

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    Tickets To Insidious: The Last Key

    A parapsychologist faces the most horrifying and personal haunting she's seen yet—in her own home. Get tickets from Fandango!

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    Watch SOLO: A Star Wars Movie Trailer

    It's finally here! Watch young Han Solo and a shiny new Millennium Falcon as they tear across the universe, outfoxing imperial storm troopers and all kinds of sarlaccs.

    Expires 05/30/2018 CDT
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    Tickets To Samson

    We don't usually get excited, but this looks SO SO good you guys! SAMSON is based on the powerful, biblical epic of a champion chosen by God to deliver Israel. His supernatural strength and impulsive decisions quickly pit him against the oppressive Philistine empire. After being betrayed by a wicked prince and a beautiful temptress, Samson is captured and blinded by his enemies. SPOILER ALERT: Samson calls upon his God once more for supernatural strength and turns imprisonment and blindness into final victory.

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    See Jennifer Lawrence In Red Sparrow

    Let's face it. We've been aching to see Jennifer Lawrence do a Russian accent for years, and now's our chance. You could call this movie "Red Whatever Who Cares It's J-Law With Russian Accent Movie" and we'd be like, "finally." Plus, hey? Bonus... Russia's huge right now! Why not just see this thing, huh? You probably won't regret it.

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    Best Indie Movies 2018 & Brand New Trailers

    Fandango’s Indie Movie Guide is your go-to destination for independent, foreign and art house films. We’ve got all the latest indie festival movie news, photos and interviews.

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    Stream All The Oscar Winners Right Here!

    Three Billboards, Dunkirk, Lady Bird... They're all here and you can watch them now. Check out all the Oscar favorites, such as Sumpter's Lament, Fourteen Derelicts, Forgetting Picasso, and more at Fandango!

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    Free Digital Download | Midnight Sun Tickets

    Katie is a [SPOILER]-year-old sheltered since childhood and confined to her [SPOILER] during the day by a rare disease that makes even the smallest amount of sunlight [SPOILER]. Fate intervenes when she meets Charlie and they embark on a [SPOILER] romance.

    Expires 04/22/2018 CDT
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    Tickets To Jumanji: Welcome To The Jungle

    Four teens are transported to the jungle by a video game and become adults! You won't BELIEVE what they get into! Get tickets to Jumanji: Welcome to the Jungle from Fandango!

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    Tickets To Annihilation

    A biologist signs up for a dangerous, secret expedition in which the laws of nature don't apply. Spoooooooky!! It's ANNIHILATION from Fandango! Watch the trailer and get tickets here!

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    EDITOR'S PICK: See Ready Player One

    Are you ready for the biggest blockbuster of the entire decade!? OASIS is an expansive virtual reality universe created by James Halliday. When Halliday dies, he leaves his immense fortune to the first person to find a digital Easter egg he has hidden in OASIS, sparking a contest that grips the entire world.

    Expires 04/14/2018 CDT
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    A Wrinkle In Time + Free Collectors Movie Poster

    Get a FREE collectible movie poster when you get tickets to A Wrinkle In Time from Fandango.

    Expires 04/09/2018 CDT
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    FREE Movie T-Shirt | Gringo Tickets

    Watch the comedy everyone's been buzzing about, and get a free t-shirt when you buy Gringo tickets at Fandango.

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    Tickets For The 15:17 To Paris At Fandango

    Gosh, we sure do need a hero. On Aug. 21, 2015, the world watches in stunned silence as the media reports a thwarted terrorist attack on a train that's bound for Paris -- an attempt prevented by three young Americans traveling together through Europe. The heroic and courageous actions of Anthony Sadler, Alek Skarlatos and Spencer Stone help to save the lives of more than 500 passengers on board.

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    Avengers: Infinity War + Free Movie Poster

    Iron Man, Thor, the Hulk and the rest of the Avengers unite to battle their most powerful enemy yet -- the evil Thanos. On a mission to collect all six Infinity Stones, Thanos plans to use the artifacts to inflict his twisted will on reality. The fate of the planet and existence itself has never been more uncertain as everything the Avengers have fought for has led up to this moment.

    Expires 05/20/2018 CDT
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    Avengers: Infinity War Tickets Sale

    Fandango is where to go for Avengers: Infinity War tickets!

    Expires 06/29/2018 CDT
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    Fandango Winter 2018 Coupons, Deals & Promos

    Head to the movies this winter with deals from Fandango and Groupon! Click here to see all the current and best coupons, promo codes, deals, and offers!

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    Stream FREE TV Episodes & Sneak Peeks | Watch Now

    Fandango has sneak peaks. Act now and save on Free TV Episodes And Sneak Peeks!

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