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About New Day Cigs

With these New Day Cigs coupons from Groupon Freebies, you can finally enjoy smoking without the tar, ash, and odors associated with traditional cigarettes. New Day’s e-cigs emulate the look and feel of an actual cigarette, but won’t leave you smelling like smoke. And thanks to Groupon Freebies, a whole pack of New Day Cigs coupons are waiting to help you get started.

Every e-cigarette comes in two pieces. The white cylinder contains the battery, and the brown cylinder—which mimics the look of a traditional cigarette filter—contains the cartomizer. This latter piece creates vapor in lieu of smoke. To use the e-cig, just screw the white and brown pieces together and inhale. While you smoke, a microprocessor senses each puff and sends power from the battery to the cartomizer. The cartomizer heats up a flavored liquid to create vapor that brings the taste to your tongue and the nicotine to your lungs, sans smoke and tar. Flavors abound, available in tastes that emulate favorites like Marlboro and Lucky Strike or novelty flavors including chocolate and coffee. To make the experience as close to old-school smoking as possible, there’s even a light on the end of the battery that glows when you inhale.

People have various reasons for switching from cigarettes to New Day Cigs. While some want to keep their homes, cars, and clothes ash-free, others would prefer to trade the smell of tobacco for more attractive aromas. You can also still enjoy the camaraderie of popping out for a smoke with friends without having to face the shame now associated with smoking. And, best of all, New Day Cigs can often be used in places that typically ban cigarettes. New Day Cigs e-cigarettes are easy on the wallet, too. A single cartomizer is good for about 200 satisfying puffs, which equals roughly a pack of cigarettes. Once depleted simply change out the cartomizer and recharge the battery. Cartomizers come in a five pack, which means that each time you restock, you’re getting the equivalent of about 100 cigarettes at a significantly lower price. Get started by viewing the New Day Cigs coupons below.

Because traditional cigarettes smell up your clothes and stain your teeth, many smokers have taken to chewing odorless, tooth-friendly gum or whole daikon radishes. Get a more familiar fix with these New Day Cigs coupons.

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