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These Spanx coupons give you discounts on undergarments that instantly create a sleeker, smoother body shape. Slip into slimming bodysuits, leggings, or pantyhose, or hit the gym for a confident workout in slimming activewear designed without uncomfortable seams. The selection continues with comfortable bras made with all-hosiery straps, and panties that shape and smooth the body’s contours. Although most of these products are engineered for women’s bodies, Spanx also carries a line of men’s underwear and undershirts with added compression for lower-back support. Ready to save on undergarments and shapewear? Be sure to grab a Spanx promo code before you shop.

Florida native Sara Blakely founded Spanx in 2000. Before launching her own company, however, she made money by selling fax machines door to door. She wanted to look professional for customers, but being outdoors in Florida’s muggy heat made it unpleasant to wear seamed pantyhose. At some point, this uncomfortable annoyance transformed into an “Aha” moment. Blakely left her door-to-door job to relocate to Atlanta, where she sought out a garment-production company and invested her savings into making comfortable, footless pantyhose. Although footless pantyhose were Blakely’s first prototype, Spanx has since expanded its inventory to include bras, panties, and even gym-ready activewear.

Spanx shapewear is designed to complement women’s bodies. That means the company’s designers put thought into details like seam placement, ensuring that garments fit comfortably and stay in place. This deep knowledge of shapewear design has made Spanx popular with a wide range of women, including the actresses who starred on "Gossip Girl." Eric Damon, the show’s costume designer, told that he frequently used Spanx to style the starlets. "I say, just enjoy yourself. If you put on a couple of pounds, then great, buy some Spanx,” he said. Whether or not you’re a famous actress, be sure to grab a Spanx coupon for savings on shapewear that fits you to a T.

Thinking of buying some shapewear so you can once again fit through a human-shaped hole in the wall that you’ve recently outgrown? Browse these Spanx coupons for savings on bodysuits, leggings, bras, and other products that help you achieve a sleeker silhouette.

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