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They say it's good for your health to drink eight glasses of water a day, but not every home has access to high quality, fresh-tasting tap water, and buying bottled water can get expensive pretty quickly! One way to keep yourself hydrated with clean, delicious water is with a water filtration device. Zen Water Systems is a manufacturer of water purifiers that uses a process inspired by the way water from mountain springs is naturally filtered, resulting in crisp, refreshing, pure water fortified by minerals that give it a great taste and are good for you as well. Check out Zen Water Systems' website with Groupon coupons and promo codes standing by to help you save money and see if a Zen Water Systems purifier can become a part of your healthy, hydrated lifestyle.

Zen Water Systems was established in 2011 and is located in Newport Beach, California. They designed their water purifiers to work by using a process similar to the way rain and snow becomes spring water. In nature, the water spends months, maybe years slowly trickling through soil and rocks in the earth, leaving behind impurities and becoming infused with minerals, before resurfacing as clean, fresh water in a spring or lake. Zen Water purifiers use gravity to move water through several layers of filters, including a ceramic dome to trap contaminants and microorganisms and layers of carbon, minerals, and silica sand to remove bacteria, chlorine, heavy metals, and toxins while adding healthy minerals. This takes only a few hours, resulting in water that tastes great and will leave you feeling revitalized and energized.

Purifiers from Zen Water Systems come in four gallon, six gallon, and eight gallon countertop dispenser sizes, and a four gallon pulse dispenser for water coolers. If you already have a Zen Water purifier, you can also order replacement parts and filters. Whether you're purchasing a new purifier for your home or office or just maintaining the purifier you already have, Zen Water Systems' online store can set you up with everything you need, and if you shop using special offers or promo codes from Groupon, it can all be much more affordable than you might think.

When you need something to drink, there's nothing that provides more perfect hydration than pure, clean water, and Zen Water Systems can provide you with an advanced, natural filtration system to get you drinking all the spring-fresh water your body needs.

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